Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

A Gentle Heart

At Lee’s offices in town, Jack and Bill arrive with grave news. Another accident has befallen the mill. This time a piece of equipment mysteriously caught fire. Both Jack and Bill agree that Lee’s mill has suffered too many accidents for it to be coincidence. Without a suspect and no leads, Jack and Bill feel that launching an official investigation would only tip off the criminal. They all agree to keep the incident quiet while they work to ferret out the saboteur.

Nearby, the town gathers for the Kindness Week dance. All the kids are dressed in their finery and are ready to show off their best manners. Hattie arrives with her new friend Anna, who is wearing the dress Hattie loaned her for Kindness Week. The two girls greet Elizabeth and Rosemary before giggling and running off to be with the other children. As the music starts the boys sit on one side and the girls sit on the other, not moving. Rosemary looks on nervously, seeing her grand plans flailing. Just then Cody stands, approaches Elizabeth and asks her to dance. As they approach the dance floor, Hattie walks up and tells Cody that she hoped he would save the first dance for her. The two take each other’s hands and head off to the dance floor.

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