Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

A Gentle Heart

At the saloon, Faith confides in Jack about the state of relationship with Peter. Despite her pleas, Peter has issued the ultimatum that Faith return with him to Union City or the engagement is off. While Faith loves Peter she feels he is being unfair and unreasonable. At the same time Faith feels that she can’t go back on the promise she made to marry Peter. Jack is supportive and tells Faith the despite her promise, she could be facing a lifetime of unhappiness.

Early the next morning, Elizabeth brings Hattie to the café for a surprise welcome party with the girls of the town. When she finds out that she’s in store for a surprise Hattie tells Elizabeth that she’s not going to the party and that Janie is the only friend she needs. Elizabeth then sits her down and reveals that she knows what happened to Janie. A tearful Hattie reveals that she misses Janie dearly and that losing her has made her afraid to open her heart again. She then admits that she’s been so mean that she can’t believe that anyone would want to be her friend. Elizabeth lovingly tells Hattie that in Hope Valley, they believe in second chances and that despite her doubts, Hattie is worthy of a second chance. The young lady wipes her tears and follows Elizabeth into the next room where a chorus of girls shouts surprise and, for the first time in Hope Valley, Hattie smiles.

Outside at the depot, Peter flashes a smile and remarks that it will be good to get home. Behind him, Faith looks on somberly. As Peter turns to his her she tells him that she’s not going with him--she can’t abandon people in need. Stunned, Peter tries to brush off her refusal before sternly telling her that the engagement is off if she doesn’t come with him. Faith is resolute and tells Peter that ending their engagement is his choice. He angrily tells her that she will regret this. Faith stands tall and tells him that might be true, but she has to find that out for herself.