A Gentle Heart

Having reached her limit with Hattie, Elizabeth decides to talk with Hattie’s mother to get to the bottom of the situation. Hattie's mother Corinne knew her daughter was unhappy about the move, but had no idea that Hattie was taking her anger out on other children. Coming from Hamilton herself, Elizabeth understands how Hattie could miss the big houses and elegant parties. It’s at this point that Corinne reveals that they are not rich and that she was governess for a judge and his daughter Janie. Elizabeth again suggests that perhaps inviting Janie to visit may help Hattie adjust. On hearing this, the expression on Corinne’s face immediately changes. She somberly explains to Elizabeth that the reason she was no longer needed as Janie’s governess was because Janie died.

After her conversation with Hattie’s mom, Elizabeth decides to take a new approach to the problem. She invites all the girls from her class over to try and get them to understand what Hattie is going through. The young ladies are already convinced that Hattie is mean and hates them all. But when Elizabeth tells them Hattie lost a very close friend, the girls suddenly realize that at one time or another, they have all been in the same situation. Armed with a new perspective, the young ladies agree to work together to make Hattie their friend.

Nearby in the café, a champagne cork pops and Bill fills Dottie’s glass. In honor of Dottie’s birthday, the two are enjoying Bill’s home cooked meal. The evening is extra special as it’s the first time a man has ever cooked for Dottie. While charmed by his manners, Dottie can’t help but question the many chapters closing in Bill’s life. His divorce from Nora and his leaving the Mounties all contribute to a perception the Bill is very unpredictable. Escorting Dottie home, he proves just how unpredictable he can be. When she begins to ask about matters of the heart he impetuously leans forward and kisses her. Feeling his actions speak for themselves he takes his leave, leaving Dottie to decide for herself who Bill Avery really is.