Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

A Gentle Heart

Back at the schoolhouse, Rosemary joins Elizabeth at the front of the class to share a special announcement. In honor of Kindness Week, Rosemary has selflessly volunteered to organize a dance for all the children. While the class is excited about the new experience, one student is less than impressed. As soon as Rosemary leaves, Hattie tells the class that “in Hamilton, my best friend Janie and I went to cotillion all the time. You have to have a live orchestra.” Elizabeth tries to convince her that the dance will be fun without the orchestra but Hattie stubbornly replies, “It won’t be the same.”

Sensing the need to intervene, Elizabeth asks Hattie to stay after class. Sitting next to each other, Elizabeth first tries to convince Hattie to at least try and make new friends in Hope Valley. Her advice is met with the same stern and angry expression that’s been Hattie’s hallmark since she arrived. In a last ditch effort, Elizabeth suggests that Hattie write to her best friend Janie and invite her to visit Hope Valley. The suggestion makes things worse and, before storming off, Hattie tells Elizabeth that Janie will hate Hope Valley as much as she does.

At the mill, Lee gathers his two foremen to take stock of the current situation. As if his own injuries weren’t enough, Lee must now face the fact that someone may be sabotaging his operation. Bill has been snooping around the mill and has presented Lee with some fairly convincing evidence that maleficence is afoot. The foreman agree that the situation is suspicious and advice that Lee double security.