Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

A Gentle Heart

Just outside of town in the valley, Frank and Abigail make their way to the settlers’ camp. The families arrived searching for a better life, but jobs are not as bountiful as they had hoped. Amongst the group, Abigail notices a young woman cradling a crying baby. Abigail approaches the young mother and asks about the baby. The woman’s name is Edith and her child’s name is Oliver. Abigail gently brushes Oliver’s head and immediately recognizes the signs of fever. She insists Edith bring the baby in to town to see the nurse. Edith is initially hesitant but Abigail insists and tells her that she is part of Hope Valley’s family now. The generosity is enough to convince Edith to return with to town with Abigail and Frank.

Nearby at the jail, Faith drops in to talk with Jack to about Mayor Gowen’s offer for her to run the infirmary. Jack suggested Faith as a candidate to run the infirmary and was shocked to her that she refused the offer. Faith explained that while she loves her work, her fiancé made it perfectly clear that she needed to return to Union City and begin arranging their wedding. She had hoped to stay in Hope Valley long enough to set up the infirmary but Peter, her fiancé, was adamant and is heading to Hope Valley to retrieve her. Torn between her work and her fiancé, Faith is unsure about the crossroads she now faces.

The next day Peter arrives in Hope Valley. While taken with the town, he is eager to have his beloved return with him to Union City. As the couple makes their way through town, they run into Jack, who takes the opportunity to try and convince Peter to allow Faith to stay. Faith takes the hint and again tries to press her case, but Peter is unmoved and is insistent that as his wife “won't have to worry about playing little Florence Nightingale ever again.” The sentiment rings flat in both Jack and Faith’s ears, but at the moment, there is little either of them can do.