Sunday February 24 8:00 PM / 7:00c

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Elizabeth runs into Robert’s parents and tells them about the work he is doing on their unborn baby’s crib. Elizabeth lets the couple know that their son wants a crib for his Christmas wish and Robert has been picking up on his parents’ concerns with the new baby. Robert’s father is surprised with how intuitive his son is, but warns Elizabeth to not fill their son with too much hope.

Lee and Jack are working on the float back at the school. Jack tells Lee that he wants to soak all his happiness in before having to head back to duty on Christmas Eve. Carson shows up with the kids and tells Elizabeth he is disappointed that he is a doctor that can’t get his patient into the Christmas spirit. Instead, he will throw his time into helping with the Hope Valley float.

Henry is continuing his work in the Mayor’s office. Abigail lets him know that his work the next day will be cleaning up the barn. While there, a telegram comes for Abigail. Once she reads it she becomes distraught and leaves her office. Henry finds out the telegram is about a snowstorm on the ridge that will keep Becky from getting home. A tearful Abigail breaks the news to Cody that his sister won’t be home for Christmas.

The finishing touches are going on the float and Jack is wrapping up the baby crib for Robert’s parents. His parents surprise their son and ask if they can join Robert in finishing up the final work on the crib, and they are met with a giant smile from their son.

Carson confronts Myra in town and tells her that it is okay to lean on people and experience joy. He opens up that he knows what it’s like to lose a spouse and shut the world out. Carson tells Myra that her life is what she makes it and he hopes she will start letting people in.

Bill finds Abigail at the wishing tree and guesses that she is making a wish for Becky’s early return. Abigail also tells Bill that is not too late to make a wish on the tree. Just then, Jack and Lee tell Bill that Henry has escaped and stolen a horse. The men head to the police station to get ready for their search for the fugitive. Abigail tracks Bill down before he leaves to apologize for allowing Henry back into town to begin with. Jack tells her to not beat herself up. He also points out that Henry is desperate for freedom and once they capture him, there is no guarantee what will happen.