Season 6 Coming in February

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Rosemary and Lee escort Elizabeth to the wishing tree so she can hang her wish: to bring Jack home to Hope Valley. When they depart, Jack surprises Elizabeth at the tree and the two embrace with a kiss. Later on, Bill confesses that he called Jack’s commanding officer and arranged for Jack’s return. It turns out that all of Elizabeth’s friends were in on the surprise of Jack’s return!

Once Jack and Elizabeth grab some alone time, he tells her that his return to Hope Valley is just for a few days before he has to go back to duty. Elizabeth is sad but realizes that they just have to focus on the time together.

Rosemary comes home to find Lee sifting through a pile of old memorabilia from the attic, including his high school baseball glove and Rosemary’s memory book. She explains that her memory book contains treasured photos and mementos from her trips to the circus as a kid. She drops the hint to Lee that she would love a ticket to the circus this year for Christmas and he reads her message loud and clear.

Abigail finds an old photo of Peter while searching through Christmas decorations. Cody tells her he wishes he had a chance to meet Peter. Abigail wishes the same thing, too, but she’s also happy with also being mom to both him and Becky. They find an old Christmas to-do list written by Peter. After a pause, Abigail puts the photo away and continues rummaging through decorations. Meanwhile, Cody sneaks the list into his pocket.

Jack and Elizabeth run into Carson while taking a stroll. The doctor has made a house call at his elderly patient Myra McCormick’s cabin. Elizabeth asks if Myra is coming to the Christmas Parade, and Carson says his patient is not a fan of the holidays but he hopes to change that.