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Why You Should Watch: Helen and Henry have been best friends forever. Just when Henry tries to become more than friends, Helen meets Charles, and Henry is sure he has lost his chance to be with Helen.

Most Romantic Moment: Helen realizes that Henry is the one for her and rushes to the botanical gardens to profess her love, surrounded by the perfect background of hundreds of flowers.

Stars: Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathison

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Why You Should Watch: Nikki leaves her job as an assistant to a famous chef after she discovers Chef Holly is stealing her recipes. She reluctantly partners with Paul on a pop-up restaurant and soon sparks fly.

Most Romantic Moment: Paul reveals he has found funding for a permanent restaurant and the two decide to run it together, finally trusting one another both in and out of the kitchen.

Stars: Jen Lilley, Brendan Penny and Peri Gilpin

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Why You Should Watch: Mina is sent to Tennessee to convince a restaurant owner to sell his place to her company. When she arrives, she learns the restaurant is under new management by none other than her ex-boyfriend.

Most Romantic Moment: An evening spent together by a campfire has Clay finally reveals his real feelings to Mina.

Cast: Taylor Cole, Andrew Walker

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Why You Should Watch: City girl Julia takes a girl’s trip to a dude ranch for a fun weekend. When a brawl breaks out at the local bar, the women are sentenced to community service and must stay in town. When they get involved with a local charity and decide to throw a Valentine’s Day party, Julia starts to get close to a local cowboy.

Most Romantic Moment: Despite her multiple mishaps and lack of farming skills, Ben continues to find her charming and their chemistry grows.

Cast: Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson

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Why You Should Watch: Hopeless romantic Sam is always searching for Prince Charming. After a chance meeting with Heath, a visiting artist, Sam emails him and believes he has invited her to visit his hometown to attend his next show. Little does she know that Heath’s son Donny is the one corresponding with her. Sam decides to go home, but finds herself trapped in the town following a storm.

Most Romantic Moment: Heath takes Sam to his favorite place in the meadows, but the two get stranded when their ATVs run out of gas. They spend the night sleeping beneath the stars.

Cast: Erin Krakow, Ryan McPartlin

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Why You Should Watch: Hope has dreamed of being a professional choreographer, but instead teaches dancing lessons to engaged couples. Growing close to an engaged client and feeling conflicted over the relationship and a once in a lifetime job opportunity, Hope must make a tough decision.

Most Romantic Moment: Hope employs unorthodox methods to teach Eric to dance: barefoot in a pond in Central Park.

Cast: Becca Tobin, Niall Matter

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Why You Should Watch: Chloe returns to visit her family’s winery, only to learn her father is retiring and selling it. She decides to extend her stay to make sure the new buyer, Seth, will understand how important and special the winery is.

Most Romantic Moment: Chloe becomes pen pals with an unknown tenant on the property who needs some work done in his cabin. The two connect over their witty notes, signed “Handyman” and “In Need of Repair.”

Stars: Lacey Chabert, Andrew Walker

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Why You Should Watch: High School sweethearts Maddie and Nate reconnect when Nate returns to his hometown for a guest lecture at the local hospital.

Most Romantic Moment: As the two get closer on a hike, Maddie surprises Nate with his favorite cupcake from when they were in high school. Maddie hasn’t made the cupcake since he left town.

Cast: Julie Gonzalo, Chris McNally

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Why You Should Watch: Megan returns to her hometown to work on a real estate deal and reconnects with her former sweetheart, a widowed single dad.

Most Romantic Moment: Megan and Joe discover the tree where they etched their names when they were young and in love. Memories of the past come flooding back to them.

Cast: Andrew Walker, Sarah Jane Morris

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Why You Should Watch: Julia works from home and decides to adopt a dog, King, to keep her company. The only problem is the adorable dog doesn’t listen to her. She seeks out dog trainer Owen to help and the two bond over their love of dogs.

Most Romantic Moment: During Owen’s sessions on how to be an alpha to King, he shows Julia that it isn’t only about learning, but about feeling.

Cast: Jana Kramer, Kevin McGarry

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Why You Should Watch: Realizing she has a track record of picking the wrong guy, Cassandra decides to follow the advice from a self-help book to help her ailing love life. Following the rules, she dates two completely different suitors and uses the rules to figure out who is the right one for her.

Most Romantic Moment: Cassandra lets her guard down during a competitive game of mini golf with Robert. The two cut loose, laughing and goofing off, making Cassandra realize she hasn’t seen this side of herself in a while.

Cast: Meghan Markle, Kristoffer Polaha

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Why You Should Watch: As a young business woman tries to convince her uptight parents to approve of her current boyfriend, she finds herself falling for her old boyfriend. She must decide who really owns her heart.

Most Romantic Moment: Josie and Gridley head to their high school to reminisce and the two almost kiss.

Cast: Hilarie Burton, Paul Campbell

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