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Social Media at Home & Family

Mark and Cristina sit down with the show’s social media producer Tiki Friedman to ask her some basic questions about what she does with the show. Tiki explains that her job helped yield the “Ask the Family” segment often seen on the show where viewers can submit questions to their favorite family members. Facebook viewers have also submitted ideas to family members that have been used on air!

Removable Faux Fur Collars - Home & Family

Detachable Faux Fur Collars
Orly Shani is here to show you how to make your very own detachable faux fur collars using faux fur, scissors, magnets and a hot glue gun. She says you can find faux fur at a fabric store or at a second-hand store. Make sure you measure the fur on your jacket before cutting so you have the right length.

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Fabio Viviani's Roasted Pork Shoulder

Fabio Viviani Cooks Roasted Pork Shoulder with Tuscan Salmoriglio Sauce

Chef and author of “Fabio’s American Home Kitchen,” Fabio Viviani returns to the kitchen to whip up a Roasted Pork Shoulder with Tuscan Salmoriglio Sauce. Fabio explains the first steps in making the pork shoulder is to create a brine of sugar and salt, to make the meat more tender. Everybody is in awe of how delicious the final product is, even after the kitchen turns into a cloud of smoke from the pork sizzling on the stove top!

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Cristina Ferrare's Holiday Napkin Folding Tips

Cristina Ferrare's Holiday Napkin Folding Tips
Cristina Ferrare shares several ideas and demonstrates some invaluable techniques for helping your holiday table look its best. She shows off napkin folds for elf hats and Christmas trees, and how to use other holiday decorations to personalize your table.

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How to Preserve a Pumpkin & DIY Pumpkin Cookie Monster with Shirley Bovshow & Tanya Memme
Shirley Bovshow and Tanya Memme share footage of their recent outing to the pumpkin patch with Tanya's daughter Ava. Shirley teaches us about the different size and color varieties of pumpkins and how to pick the perfect one. Then, learn how to preserve and sanitize the pumpkin by spritzing a special solution before carving. This will double its lifespan. Next, Tanya takes us to the Sesame Workshop and paints the town blue with a Cookie Monster pumpkin.
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Ken Wingard’s Photos on Wood

Ken Wingard’s DIY Photos on Wood

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to transfer photos onto wood planks. The key is using very smooth wood- rough wood will not work. Bright colors on lighter wood looks best. At the end, the entire project will cost you as little as $13.

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Butterscotch Popcorn Balls

Cristina Cooks Butterscotch Popcorn Balls
Cristina and Dr. Drew have a ball in the kitchen together making butterscotch popcorn balls! You can coat these sweet treats in peanut butter or other toppings and wrap up as an adorable gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

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DIY Sugaring For Hair Removal

Kym Douglas talks about the process of removing unwanted hair by doing a process called “sugaring,” which is made with all-natural ingredients and is less painful than waxing. Kym makes her own DIY sugaring kit using sugar, lemon juice and water. Salon sugaring is up to $300 and this DIY recipe for sugaring will cost you only three dollars!

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Mark's DIY Sawhorse Reindeer

Actor & Model Antonio Sabato Jr.
Actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. chats with Mark and Cristina about his new show, “Fix It & Finish It.” On the show Antonio overhauls the home of someone in desperate need. The show has special significance for Antonio because as a child he and his family lost everything in a tragic fire. Antonio shares a clip from the show and later he and Mark team up to make a fun and festive DIY sawhorse reindeer!

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Cristina & Alex Thomopoulos Cooks Roasted Garlic Sage Pesto Pumpkin Soup
Chef Alex Thomopoulos and mom Cristina team up in the kitchen to make roasted garlic sage pesto pumpkin soup. Full of fall flavors such as maple syrup, this soup is best served inside a pumpkin bowl.

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Do It Yourself Vinyl Bookshelf - Home & Family

DIY Vinyl Record Bookshelf

Paige Hemmis returns with an idea for how to organize a vinyl record collection. Paige came up with the idea when her friend’s mother passed away, but she wanted to find a way to store her mother’s gigantic record inventory. Using fabric boxes, she shows you how to turn the vinyl record collection into art work without destroying the records.

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Clean House for the Holidays

Matt Rogers and Sophie Uliano team up to talk about keeping a clean house. Matt explains that a clean house is very important to him because two of his children have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a rare lung disease. Sophie shows Matt how to make his own disinfectant cleaning spray made with a pine scent. In the end, place the spray in a nice bottle and you have a unique Christmas gift to share!

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