How to Preserve a Pumpkin & DIY Pumpkin Cookie Monster with Shirley Bovshow & Tanya Memme

How to Preserve a Pumpkin:

  1. Spray with bleach and water solution.
  2. Dry inside of pumpkin.
  3. Spray inside of pumpkin with wilt-pruf or combination of spray oil and Vaseline layer.

DIY Pumpkin Cookie Monster:

  1. Take a pumpkin, carve it out.
  2. Spray paint entire pumpkin blue, let it dry.
  3. Carve out the big mouth using a pumpkin carver or knife.
  4. Get 2 styrofoam balls, draw black circles on the center of them with a Sharpie to make the eyes.
  5. Glue the balls on the pumpkin.
  6. And then, fill the mouth up with cookies until they spill onto the plate.

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