Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

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Gena Lee Nolan Interview
Actress and Auther Gena Lee Nolan joins Mark and Debbie to talk about her book, "Beautiful Inside and Out." Gena was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disorder in 2009. After being misdiagnosed with post-partum depression, she became her own advocate, and has formed a support community on Facebook called ThyroidSexy. The actress also talks about her time on the TV show, "Baywatch" and about working with Pamela Anderson.

For more information, please check out Gena's Facebook Page

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Eat Your Drink - Home & Family

Eat Your Cocktails
Cocktail Chef and Author Matthew Biancaniello joins the show to talk about the art of creating cocktails with unique ingredients! He shares some of his special recipes with the Home & Family audience. Ingredients include beets, horseradish, strawberries and balsamic vinegar!

Check out Matthew's "Eat Your Drink" recipes >>

Get more info about Matthew at his website >>

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Gifts for Mom
Kym Douglas has some fresh ideas and inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts for moms! Items include:

Beauty Bank light up compact & charger, $29.99,

ISlides, $49.99,

Custom Wine Labels, $13.99, LolliBella. com

Naipo Back Massager, $169.99, NaipoCare. com 44% off with promo code: NAIPO519,

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Dangers of Diet Soda - Home & Family

Dangers of Diet Soda
Matt Iseman has recently lost 20 pounds and shares medical information about the dangers of drinking diet soda. Boston University reported on diet soda and the risks of stroke and dementia with data from the Framingham Heart Study. Two of the risks reported indicate an increased chance of stroke and dementia. Matt advises that instead of choosing regular or diet soda, pick water and tea!

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DIY Long Jeans Shorts - Home & Family

DIY Long Jean Shorts Trend
Orly Shani is on the show to talk about a fun and flirty spring trend- the long jean shorts trend! For this easy DIY you need just a few simple materials including chalk, scissors and an old pair of jeans. For this project, remember to mark jeans while wearing them!

Get the full instructions on the Long Jean Shorts >>

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Abigail Zoe Lewis Interview
Actress Abigail Zoe Lewis visits Home & Family to discuss her role on the AMC television show, “Better Call Saul.” The actress describes what producers were looking for when they cast her role- someone strong and smart to balance out the grandfather character, played by Jonathan Banks. Abigail shares a scene from the show. She describes how Jonathan was cursing so much on set, that she created a swear jar and every time he says a curse word he puts in a dollar! Abigail is also a reporter for “Kids First Media” and was excited to meet Justin Timberlake at the premiere of the movie, “Trolls.”

Tune in for Better Call Saul on Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.

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Artichoke Enchiladas Recipe - Home & Family

Artichoke Enchiladas and Blood Orange Margarita
In honor of the Cinco de Mayo holiday, owner of the restaurant “Casa Vega” and chef Christy Vega is in the Home & Family kitchen! She prepares a rich enchilada dish with artichokes as the star ingredient. Debbie pitches in with the enchilada rolling and coating the enchiladas with a homemade sauce. The dish is a hit with the family members!

Get the recipe for the Artichoke Enchiladas >>

Get the recipe for the Blood Orange Margarita >>

Get the recipe for the Lobster and Pickled Jalapeño Guacamole >>

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DIY Serving Tray - Home & Family

DIY Serving Trays
In time for Mother’s Day, Ken has a serving tray that you can customize with different looks for holidays during the year. This practical and simple DIY will cost you just $50 instead of $200 retail.

Get the instructions for the DIY Serving Trays >>

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DIY Pet Toys - Home & Family

DIY Pet Toys
Paige Hemmis has some fun and clever toys for your furry friends! Most items for these toys you most likely already have around the house.

Get the full instructions for Paige’s DIY Pet Toys >>