Paige Hemmis has some fun and easy DIYs to get your pet moving!

Materials for Tennis Ball Dog Treats:

  • Tennis ball
  • Craft Knife
  • Small Dog Treats

Materials for the Treat Popsicle

  • Bowl
  • Dog treats
  • Water
  • Foil or Parchment Paper

Materials for Tupperware Treats for Cats:

  • Plastic Food Container
  • Craft Knife
  • Sand Paper
  • Cat Toys & Treats
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Instructions for the Tennis Ball Treats:

  1. Grab a tennis ball and make a cut with your craft knife in one side of the ball.
  2. Push together opposite sites to create a hole.
  3. Add small (but fragrant) dog treats inside.
  4. Throw to your pup for some puzzling treat time!

Instructions for the Treat Popsicle:

1. Get treats like Beggin Strips that won’t get soggy in water
2. Fill a bowl up with water and add the treats
3. Put the bowl in the freezer
4. Take the frozen water out of the bowl and give it to your dog

Line the bowl with foil or parchment paper so you can easily take the frozen water out.

Instructions for the Tupperware Treats for Cats:

  1. Cut holes in the top of the structure with your craft knife. You can use something you have around the house as the guide for the holes (like a small glass, or champagne flute).
  2. Put kitty treats and balls inside.
  3. Let your kitty figure out how to get them out!

Make the holes slightly bigger than the toy or ball. That way, the cats and use their paws to bring the treat out of the hole. Add non-slip grip circles to the bottom of the structure to stop it from sliding around on a tile or wood floor.

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