Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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One Pot Farro Primavera - Home & Family

One Pot Farro Primavera

Author of “Kitchen Matters,” Pamela Salzman is in the kitchen making a delicious dish with one pot, farro primavera. Farro is a whole grain that gives you fiber that can stabilize your blood sugar. She cautions you to not stir the dish too much because it can become soggy or sticky. If you want to keep this recipe gluten-free, substitute in brown rice, instead.

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DIY Seashell Nightlights - Home & Family

DIY Seashell Nightlights

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to put your collection of seashells to good use with this fun nightlight DIY. When it comes to making your nightlights, the bigger the better with the seashells. Today she uses sand dollars, fan shells and small conch shells. It is very important to use LED lights for these nightlights so it does not get too hot and create a fire hazard.

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Tough Love Parenting

Best selling author Mark Gregston sits down with Home & Family to discuss tough love parenting. He explains how important it is for parents to pay attention to the way they communicate with their teenagers. He also shares how grandparents can help parents out by creating a safe haven for their kids. He encourages you to connect with your kids instead of correcting their behaviors.

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Epic Food Boards - Home & Family

Epic Food Boards

Food stylist Meg Quinn is showing you how to put together the perfect cheese board for your next party. She recommends pre-cutting your cheese ahead of time so your guests can easily taste. You should choose a variety of soft and hard cheeses. To add more color to your cheese plate, she adds a collection of fresh and dried fruits. Always place your ramekins first, like olives, gherkins and honey. Finally, the trick with the crackers is to spread them out on your plate because they are more inviting for your party goers.

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Get Your Feet Sandal Ready for Summer

Kym Douglas is helping get your feet ready for summer with this DIY coconut and foot lime foot scrub and a heel balm. Before making these DIYs, she shows you how to prep your feet. This includes soaking them for five minutes before scrubbing them with a pumice stone. The stone helps remove your foot’s top layer of dead skin cells, making your feet smoother.

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DIY Denim Cuffs: Three Ways

Orly Shani is keeping you in style by showing you how to create three different denim cuffs: bandana, stud and fringe. This is a great way to recycle an old pair of jeans that you want to give a fashionable makeover. Attach the cufflinks to your jeans with fabric glue. If you decide to use stud denim cuffs, make sure you spot clean your jeans because the studs will fall apart in the washing machine.

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Bacon Filet and Eggs - Home & Family

Steak and Eggs

Executive chef of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Mark Ogren is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering dish of bacon filet and eggs with a chipotle hollandaise. He says this dish is his favorite way to serve dinner as breakfast. He uses filet mignon for the steak and recommends cooking it for four to five minutes on each side to get it perfectly charred. He wraps the steak in bacon for an extra meaty flavor.

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Lee Holden

Qi Gong instructor Lee Holden discusses how all-day movements can benefit your weight loss and well-being. Today, he shows you three simple every day moves that you can do to improve your mental health. He shares that stress plays a key role in weight loss and weight gain and these workout moves will help you make better eating choices and get centered.

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DIY Dessert Bar - Home & Family

DIY Dessert Bar

Maria Provenzano is celebrating June Weddings by showing you how to put together a beautiful rehearsal dinner dessert bar. She also shows you how to display a beautiful selection of photos featuring loved ones who have helped make the day so special. She explains that with the help of Walmart Photo and you can order a variety of custom photo gifts and accessories featuring personal photos from your phone, camera card or USB drive.

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Family Favorites

The family members gather around to share their summertime favorite products.

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