Epic Food Boards
Put together the perfect cheese board with meats, crackers, and fruit fit for a group this summer!


  • Bowl of olives
  • Bowl of cornichons
  • Honey


  • Artisanal crackers
  • Round rustic crackers


  • Brie
  • Unexpected Cheddar
  • Humboldt Fog
  • Manchego
  • Blue Cheese


  • Salame Secchi
  • Thin calabrese salami slices


  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Dried persimmons
  • Dried/candied oranges
  • Dried/candied oranges


  • Marcona almonds
  • Walnut halves
  • Rosemary

Specialty Items

  • Cherry Paste
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dried figs

Epic Food Boards - Home & Family


STEP 1: Place your “rounds” on the board
· For a round board, you can place a couple items in the center of your board. We added honey, cornichons, and olives in.

STEP 2: Choose your favorite cheeses and space them evenly around the board
· The general “rule” is to choose a mix of hard & soft cheeses and various types of milks (cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s)
· Slice and crumble hard cheese with a cheese knife or steak knife, and place on board

STEP 3: Add in crackers
· Choose a few different types to compliment the cheeses
· fan out crackers around the ramekins and around perimeter of board

STEP 4: Load up on colorful fresh and dried fruits
· Divide placement of similar colored items so the board looks dynamic and colorful

STEP 5: Pepper in meats/specialty items of your choice
· Choose a few salami varieties of different textures and flavors
· Make “salami flowers” out of the thin slices (fold once on the horizontal, the again on the vertical )and bunch them together to hold shape; fan out thick salami slices around other items on the board.

STEP 6: Add various nuts
· Use them to fill in spaces to ensure board looks abundant
· We added cherry paste and dark chocolate on the board for our specialty items

STEP 7: Finish with fresh herbs to bring the board to life
· Use them to fill in more gaps, separate items or on top of cheeses as garnish

TIP: Use formaticum bags for proper cheese storage. They preserve the flavor while extending the shelf life.

Eat and enjoy!