Welcome to Sweden Interview - Home & Family

Welcome to Sweden

Actor Greg Poehler and actress Josephine Bornebusch sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the return of their NBC comedy, “Welcome to Sweden.”  Greg explains the show is autobiographical and based on his real life marriage to a Swede and the culture shock of moving to a new country. Greg also shares funny stories from his real life marriage and how some them actually reach the show this season.
Don't miss the season premiere of "Welcome to Sweden," July 19th, 8/7c on NBC.

Cavatelli Carbonara - Home & Family

Cavatelli Carbonara

Chef Bruce Kalman joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook up the delicious pasta dish, Cavatelli Carbonara. Bruce learned to cook from his grandmother and now he is the head chef and owner of Union Restaurant in Pasadena. The chef also shares his secret to homemade dough: add salt, pepper and ricotta cheese!

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Do It Yourself Aqua Sand - Home & Family

DIY Aqua Sand

Tanya Memme is bringing the beach to you by showing you how to make your own aqua sand. She searched around stores for Aqua Sand and found it costing $40! But when you make your own, it is only $15. After, Mark and Cristina have fun creating their own aqua sand!

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Beth Riesgraf Interview

Actress Beth Riesgraf visits Home & Family to discuss her series “Complications.” TV and reality mirror each other in Beth’s life when her on-screen son became friends with her real life son, who are both 11. The actress opens up about her real life home decor, where she admits she’s passionate about design. She describes her taste as fun, whimsical and stylish!
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America’s Top Balloon Expert

Sandi Masori, the balloon expert, stops by to show Home & Family how to create balloon art! Sandi began her career as a balloon artist when she used it to teach behavior modification in her first grade classroom. Some of her biggest projects have taken up to 120 hours to complete! Later, she shows Mark and Cristina how to make 2-balloon spiral hat!

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Subscription Boxes

Debbie Matenopoulos gives you a list of websites that will help make your life easier with the click of a button. She explains you can get subscription boxes for your fashion, pets, diet and even DIY projects!

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Pool Safety Tips - Home & Family

Pool Safety Tips

Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans, along with her children Sydney and Jake show you some helpful tips for pool safety. She encourages common sense and never allowing children to swim alone. Make sure your pool area is tidy to prevent accidents. Always add more chlorine for a pool party and remember to monitor the salt levels and maintain proper PH and stabilizer levels.

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DIY Succulents in Old Boots - Home & Family

Succulents in Old Boots

Ken Wingard shows you how to recycle old shoes by turning them into planters fro succulents! The key is purchasing a rubberized coating and will only cost you six dollars a can. The entire DIY project will cost you $16!

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Cat Nutrition and Summer Care - Home & Family

Cat Nutrition and Summer Care Tips

Laura Nativo sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about cat nutrition and summer care. She has teamed up with Petco to show you some of the best products available for your cats. She encourages you to always read the labels of the food. Avoid grains and carbs in the food. Cats should always have an adequate water supply and make sure you clean their bowl every day. When it comes leaving on vacation for any time longer than a day, you must get a cat-sitter so they get proper treatment while away.

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Secrets to a Happier, Healthier Life

Author and founder of Lorna Jane Clarkson Activewear, Lorna Jane Clarkson is here to talk about happiness and health. Lorna’s goal was to create fashionable activewear and to get women to want to exercise more. Now she has 200 stores. Lorna now has her own book, “Inspired,” that includes recipes, mantras, tips and more! Lorna says she moves her body for an hour every day to feel better. That can be anything from playing with your kids, walking your pets, or actually working out.

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