Balloon Expert Sandi Masori shows off two fun DIY balloon designs!


  1. Inflate a balloon nearly full leaving only about a thumb tip size portion uninflated.
  2. Twist off a bubble, and hold it while you wrap the balloon around your head. find the point where the bubble you are holding and the balloon wrapped around the head criss-cross. squeeze them together and twist them together. you now have a stick hat.
  3. Inflate a second balloon & twist off a small bubble on the nozzle end.
  4. Spiral the two sticks together. on the other end, squeeze and twist the two balloons together to lock them.
  5. Find the center of the hat, and twist one side of it.
  6. Twist a bubble at the end of the free stick and attach to the back of the hat.
  7. Place the hat on your head!


  1. Fully inflate both balloons and give them a good burp before tying.
  2. Take the 260 and fold it in half.
  3. Spiral the 2 halves together and twist two little bubbles at the top to lock it together.
  4. Put your hand in the bottom of the spiral and open it slightly so that you can insert the 350 balloon into the hole.
  5. Twist a bubble on the top of the 350 balloon and twist it into the two bubbles at the top of the spiraled 260 balloon.

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