Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

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Kristin Cavallari Interview - Home & Family

Kristin Cavallari Interview
Wife, mother, designer and TV personality Kristin Cavallari visits to talk about season 3 of her hit E! show “Very Cavallari.” During this season we see more of Kristin’s personal life, including a trip to Italy where she meets her ancestors. Kristin also shares how she balances life and work as a busy mom.

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Marlene Koch - Parmesan Crusted Chicken - Home & Family

Marlene Koch’s Restaurant Recipe Makeover: Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Going out to eat saves times but it costs money and calories. Best-selling author Marlene Koch puts a healthy twist on a restaurant favorite - Chicken Parmesan, you can easily make at home.

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DIY Suitcase Side Table - Home & Family

DIY Suitcase Side Table
The amazing Ken Wingard shows us not one, not two but three different ways to make side tables unlike any other. Add character to your home with the chic trend of upcycling vintage luggage into tables.

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French Almond Cake
Debbie prepares a simple and stunningly light French almond cake with only six ingredients that is ready in 30 minutes or less. Brown butter elevates this delicious gluten-free cake. The cakes can also be topped with a paste made from quince; a fruit in the apple family.

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Winter Sleep Survival Guide
Dr. Michael Breus explains how to sleep well this winter with tips including light therapy in the morning as you check email or put on your makeup. Knowing what kind of sleeper you are, and exercise is also key to getting good sleep.

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Winter Veggie Duo
“Top Chef” competitor and national advocate for those with type 1 diabetes, Sam Talbot, joins Cameron in the kitchen to elevate the taste and flavor of two winter vegetables – leeks and cauliflower.

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Pet Adoption
NJ, short for Nugget Junior, is a sweet, happy and healthy five-year-old chihuahua. She loves toys and is great with other dogs.

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Celebrate winter year-round with a pocket pittie with a squatty body named Winter. She is a love bug, full of energy that likes to snuggle.

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DIY Icicle Shelf
The Holidays are over, but the winter is still here. Paige brings the beautiful winter wonderland we see outside our homes inside with a DIY Icicle shelf inspired by the new Hallmark Channel movie “Love in Winterland.”

Love in Winterland,” premieres Saturday, January 11th at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Carly Hughes Interview - Home & Family

Carly Hughes
Actress Carly Hughes visits and talks about the fourth season of the ABC sitcom “American Housewife” in which she plays Angela. Carly is also a huge fan of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, including the "Christmas Club." She watched all the movies with her mom who recently battled cancer.

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Spruce Up Your Space
A great way to start the new year is to upgrade the space around you. Orly Shani shows how a few simple changes to your room can make a huge difference.

Use items you already own to make a room fresh and exciting by lining bookshelves with wallpaper, placing artwork on the walls and switching out pillows and throw blankets.


• Paint the front edges to create contrast.
• Apply self-adhesive wallpaper to the interior of backing and sides, especially to hide holes for shelf placement.


• Spray paint frames to match other décor, like pillows, in the room to help pull it together.
• Layer a small rug on a larger rug to add texture, coziness and dimension.
• Take existing elements in the room and use them in a new way! For example, take objects off the wall and use them in table or shelf décor.

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Productivity Boosters
Looking for ways to keep accountable for your personal and fitness goals? Look no further as Ali Manno shares tips on how to be efficient and productive by avoiding digital distractions, using talk to text, and prepping meals.

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