Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

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Valentine’s Day Linzer Cookies - Home & Family

Valentine’s Day Linzer Cookies

Danielle Kartes of Rustic Joyful Food is back in the kitchen and today she is making a Valentine’s Day treat of linzer cookies. She points out that this cookie is super easy to make and is a take on the Austrian traditional cookie. If you mix your ingredients at a slow speed, you will get a more tender cookie as a result.

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DIY Farmhouse Makeover

Ken Wingard is showing you how to give your table a more farmhouse feel with this makeover. The best part is this entire table makeover will cost you less than $100. To save time, get your wood pre-cut at the hardware store. Because the table will have a rustic finish, avoid over-sanding the wood.

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Valentine’s Day Etiquette

Etiquette expert and author Diane Gottsman sits down with Home & Family to talk about Valentine’s Day etiquette. She also discusses her book, “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life.”

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Sugar Beauty

Kym Douglas is introducing you to all the ways sugar can be used to help moisturize your skin and soften and smooth flaky lips.

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David Arquette

Award-winning actor, director, producer and writer David Arquette sits down with Cameron and Debbie to chat. He discusses his famous family, Valentine’s Day and teaching Bob Ross-inspired painting classes as a certified instructor. He admits he is a romantic at heart and loves giving his wife flowers, chocolates and asks her to be his Valentine every February 14th.

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Cavatelli Pistachio Pesto - Home & Family

Cavatelli Pistachio Pesto

Executive chef from The Peninsula Beverly Hills, David Codney, is back in the kitchen today and making a delicious pasta dish with homemade pesto. He assures you that the dough is super easy to make, you just want to make sure it is not too dry so you can work with it. When you are done with the pasta, you can always store it in an air tight container and place it in the freezer for later use. For better flavor in the pesto, toast the the pistachios to bring all the oils to the surface.

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DIY Candy Jars - Home & Family

DIY Candy Jars

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to step up your candy jar game using supplies you can find at your local hardware store. She takes terra-cotta and plastic planters and bubble vases and turns them into jars. After putting the DIY together, your jars should look like giant gumball machines.

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Rachel Cruze

Financial expert Rachel Cruze is discussing money and marriage! She explains that each partner has a role: they play the planner or the partier. She recommends couples decide on a budget together, but letting the planner be the one who sets up the actual budget. Communication is key to help iron out a good budget. She also encourages you to understand how your spouse was raised when it came to money and also understand each other’s financial fears.

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"Impasta" Salad - Home & Family

Impasta Salad

TV personality Ross Mathews is back and today he is in the kitchen making a tasty dish that he calls an “impasta salad.” Don't miss Ross on the American Rescue Dog Show, premiering Sunday February 17 & Monday February 18 8pm/7c

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DIY Crystal Heart Hairpins - Home & Family

DIY Crystal Heart Hairpins

Orly Shani is showing you how to update your ordinary hairpins and turn them into beautiful crystal hearts. Using felt, freehand cut your designs with scissors. She recommends felt because it will give you a clean cut and the material won’t fray. When you add crystals, it gives the hairpin a lovely romantic touch.

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Adoption Ever After

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