DIY Farmhouse Table Makeover

Ken Wingard is showing you how to give your table a rustic makeover for under $100.


  • Table
  • Nail Gun
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Ruler
  • Pine Wood [ 4 (1x12 at 65”) 2 (1x6 at 45” ) 2 ( 1x2.5 at 36” ) 2 (1x2.5 at 73.5”)]
  • Wood Polish/Conditioner
  • Sandpaper or Sander
  • White Paint/ Paintbrush


1. Attach wood trim [2 ( 1x2.5 at 36” ) 2 (1x2.5 at 73.5”)]to sides of table using nail gun.

Note: The dimensions of wood will be relative to the size of your table.

2. Place your wood (1x6 at 45” ) on the vertical side of the table. Measure how far you want the wood to hang over. Ours was 2” by 3 ½”.

3. Place wood down and use a drill to screw the wood in place from the bottom of the table to the top.

Note: Make sure the length of your screw is long enough to hold the wood in place, but short enough so it does not pop up through the top of the table.

4. Place wood (1x12 at 65”) down horizontally, flush with the wood you just placed down vertically. Use the drill to screw in place from the bottom.

5. Repeat with your 3 other pieces of wood.

6. Add wood (1x6 at 45” ) at other end of the table vertically and use drill to screw in from bottom.

7. Use sandpaper or sander to smooth out the top and sides of table.

8. Apply a wood polish/conditioner all over tabletop.

9. Paint base of table white and allow to dry.

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