Wednesday, August 15th (Previously Aired August 1st, 2018)

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Melissa Carcache Visits - Home & Family

Melissa Carache

Actress Melissa Carache sits down with Debbie and guest host Rick Fox to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love at Sea,” which premieres Saturday, August 11th at 9/8c. She also brings a clip from the movie and talks about what it was like working with her co-stars Alexa and Carlos PenaVega. This isn’t the first the time Melissa has met Carlos, they went to school together in Florida!

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Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Owner of “Daddy’s Chicken Shack,” Pace Webb is making the ultimate sweet potato fry dish with bacon. For the sweet potato fries, use a neutral oil like grapeseed or canola. For an extra kick, she adds jalapeño peppers.

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DIY Drink Covers - Home & Family

DIY Summer Drink Covers

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to make your own summer drink covers which are perfect for your next outdoor shindig. This is a great DIY that you can do with your children, getting them into making crafts and practicing dexterity. The covers have a double-purpose, where you can use them as coasters, too.

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Alli Webb

Founder of Dry Bar Alli Webb visits Home & Family to talk about the steps you can take to start your own business. She talks about how it took several career paths before pursuing her dream and today there are over 100 Dry Bar shops nation-wide.

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Rack of Lamb with Caponata - Home & Family

Rack of Lamb with Caponata

The executive chef from Manhattan Beach’s “The Strand House” is in the kitchen making his famous rack of lamb with homemade caponata. When done, remember to let the lamb rest before slicing and serving. For an extra crunch, garnish the lamb with cilantro and crushed marcona almonds.

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DIY Wheelbarrow Bench

Ken Wingard is taking a bench and making it easy to transport around by adding a wheel to it. You can find your average wheelbarrow wheel available in craft stores or on line. The bench that Ken uses for this DIY is roughly around six feet long.

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Tina Lifford

Actress Tina Lifford visits Home & Family to talk about her OWN series, “Queen Sugar,” which you can watch Wednesdays at 10/9c. Tina also discusses her inner-fitness project, where she encourages people to work on their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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Chili Chicken Burger - Home & Family

Chicken Chili Burger

Debbie and Rick are outside making a tasty dish of chicken chili burgers using Sargento cheese. Debbie adds that chicken is healthier because it has less fat than a beef burger. For an added crunch, she adds panko crumbs to the chicken.

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DIY Floral Combs

Orly Shani is adding a floral touch to her hair combs with this DIY. She advises you to be cautious on how much hot glue you use on the comb, so it doesn’t start spilling down the teeth. Use floral glue if you are going to use real flowers instead of fake flowers.

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Summer Sunglasses Safety

Pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Kenneth Wright visits Home & Family to talk about how to choose the right sunglasses to protect to protect your eyes from the sun.