Make your bench an easy transport by adding a wheelbarrow wheel.
DIY Wheelbarrow Bench
Outdoor Decor


  • Bench (4 foot)
  • Wood (2x2, 8 feet long)
  • Wheelbarrow wheel
  • Carriage bolts & nuts
  • Drill
  • Carpenter’s bar clamps
  • Wrench
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint


  1. Figure out how long the 2x2s would be. Make sure they extend passed the bench far enough to accommodate the wheel on one end, and comfortable enough to act as handles that do not stick too far out on the other.
  2. Mark holes for axle brackets 1 ½ inches from the end on one end of both 2x2s.
  3. Attach the axle brackets with short carriage bolts. Fit the wheel and axle into the
  4. brackets.
  5. Clamp the handle 2x2s to the inside of the legs just under the seat. The wheel should
  6. clear the bench and allow extra space for the 2x2 crosspiece that you will be adding.
  7. Mark where the top of the crosspiece crosses the legs of the bench and drill into place.
  8. Clamp handles at the wheel end with a bar clamp, mark the top of the crosspiece and
  9. drill and insert bolt through each hole.
  10. Drill and bolt the handle end of the 2x2s that are clamped right under the bench seat.

*Optional: Paint a colorful color for summer or leave natural!

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