Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

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DIY Family Travels Gallery Wall - Home & Family

DIY Family Travels Gallery Wall

Ken Wingard is showing you how to re-live your favorite memories by making a family travels gallery wall using wood, foam core or vinyl. Attach multiple photos to one strip of wood, when connecting them to the map.

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Apricot Sweet Buns - Home & Family

Apricot Sweet Buns

Author of “The Bread Collection," Brian Hart Hoffman is in the kitchen baking mouth-watering apricot sweet buns. For the best shape, let the buns rise after you twist them. Fill the buns with dried apricots, butter, cinnamon and almonds.

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Natural Beauty Routine

Kym Douglas is back and today she is introducing you to some new beauty products made with all natural ingredients.

The Detox Collection
Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick
MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream

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Life in the Doghouse

Larissa Wohl is joined by the co-founders of Danny & Ron’s Rescue, Danny Robertshaw and Ron Fanta to talk about their rescue. The two also discuss their new online show, “Life in the Doghouse,” which premieres September 12th nationwide. Together, the men have rescued over 11,500 dogs. Their rescue also doesn’t charge any adoption fees. They also encourage people to volunteer at your local shelter, if you cannot adopt.

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DIY Colored Pencil Organizer - Home & Family

DIY Colored Pencil Organizer

Maria Provenzano is helping you stay organized at home with this colored pencil organizer. All you really need is foam core, acrylic craft paint, foam sheets and wood round. She also shares photos from home with Grant and his organizer.

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Cilantro and Chili Wings - Home & Family

Cilantro and Chili Wings

The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ chef David Codney is grilling up a dish packed with flavor, cilantro and chili wings. To enhance the flavor even more, marinate the wings overnight. Cook the wings first low and slow in oil or fat to help maximize their tenderness.

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DIY Tabletop Cat Garden - Home & Family

Tabletop Cat Garden

Paige Hemmis and Shirley Bovshow team up to make a tabletop cat garden perfect for those with felines. Shirley also shows you how to grow your own cat grass using seeds that you can find at your local pet, grocery or farmers’ supply store.

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How to Wear One Romper Two Ways

Lawrence Zarian Facetimes connects with Kelly Joe Schimetz from Scottsdale, Arizona via FaceTime to show her how to sport a fashionable romper two different ways. He also explains that rayon fabric drapes well on all body types.

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Watermelon Pizza

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is back and today she is making a healthy and refreshing watermelon pizza, which her kids devour at home. You can also whip up the yogurt ahead of time and store it in fridge until it is time to serve the pizza.

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DIY Varsity Sweaters

Orly Shani is bringing varsity sweaters back in style with this fashionable DIY. Use bias tape to make piping and binding seams for the sweaters. Trace the letters 1/4 inch wider on the felt.

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