Orly Shani is helping you stay in fashion with this DIY.


  • Cardigan
  • Felt
  • Terry cloth
  • Bias tape or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Fabric glue
  • Letter stencil


1. Select a sweater for your project and based on the sweater buy the appropriate width ribbon or bias tape.

2. If you are using ribbon then fold it over and with an iron create a firm crease

3. With the folded bias tape or ribbon, begin to attach to the neckline using fabric glue

4. Use the same method and glue bias tape or ribbon to the cardigan pockets

5. Add stripes to the sleeves with fabric glue

6. Measure the desired area on the sweater for the letter and using those measurements, go online and print a varsity style letter. Cut it out and use this as your stencil

7. Trace stencil onto terry cloth and cut out

8. Deduct ¼ inch to stencil on felt and cut out

9. Use fabric glue and glue terry cloth letter to felt letter. Make sure to glue close to the edges.

10. Use fabric glue and attach varsity letter to cardigan

11. If desired, add patches to the cardigan with fabric glue

12. Let dry for 24 hours

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