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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Viewer Mail
Ali, Kym, and Orly answer viewer questions. Ali shows you a solution to make food fun for the kids with shape cutters for sandwiches. Some shapes include a star, dolphins, and a butterfly. Kym shows you how to make your own DIY egg and soy free skin moisturizer. Orly shows you an easy way to hem you pants without the use of sewing.


1 Cup Sweet Almond Oil
½ Cup Beeswax Pellets
1 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 Drops Vanilla Essential Oil
Hand Mixer

1. Combine sweet almond oil beeswax pellets and heat over a double broiler or microwave.
2. While that melts, combine the aloe vera gel and essential oils in a seperate bowl.
3. Once all the pellets have melted, remove from heat and allow to cool.
4. Using a hand mixer, start to whip the sweet almond oil mixture on low, slowly incorporating the aloe vera gel mixture.
5. Put hand mixer on high and continue to whip for 10-15 minutes, until desired consistency has been reached.

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