Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

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Spinach with Chickpeas - Home & Family

Spinach with Chickpeas

Host and author Simon Majumdar is making a delicious dish of spinach and chickpeas. The meal is completely vegetarian and was inspired by his self-described obsession with Spain. If you do not want to use sherry as one of the ingredients, you can always substitute vegetable stock or water. When done, top the spinach and chickpeas with Manchego cheese add a nice flavor.

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DIY Basket Wall Hang - Home & Family

DIY Basket Wall Hang

Ken Wingard is taking ordinary baskets and turning them into decorative wall hangs. He also adds greenery to the baskets for more color. He recommends using baskets that have a variety of textures, but keep the colors in the same palette so it pleases the eye.

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Paula Faris

Host of “Journeys of Faith,” correspondent Paula Faris sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about her Emmy award-winning career. She also discusses what made her step back in her career and trust her faith which resulted in launching her own “Journeys of Faith” podcast, which you can find on Apple, Google and Amazon.

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Banana Benefits

Kym Douglas is breaking down the beauty benefits you can get from bananas. Today she is showing you how to make your own banana lip scrub and a banana hair mask using mashed bananas.

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Drew Lynch

Comedian Drew Lynch of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” stops by Home & Family to talk about the competitive series, which you can catch on Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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Classic Roasted Chicken Pot Pie - Home & Family

Classic Roasted Chicken Pot Pie

Chef Steven Fretz is in the kitchen making a tasty classic roasted chicken pot pie. He calls this dish a one pot wonder. He uses all root vegetables to make it extra-comforting for wintertime. If you want to save time, you can also use a store-bought roasted chicken to put in the pie.

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Smartphone Tips

Author of “101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone,” Rich Demuro is giving you some helpful tips to try on your smartphone.

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DIY Ski Pole Lamp - Home & Family

Ski Pole Lamp

Cameron Mathison is showing you how to recycle an old pair of ski poles by using them for a lamp. He uses bamboo cross country ski poles that you can easily find at thrift stores or even on eBay. Because you are working with delicate bamboo, make sure you use a manual screwdriver when drilling your holes.

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Dr. Mao

Dr. Mao Shing Ni visits with Cameron and Debbie to talk about the secrets of longevity. He points out that genetics are only 20% of your longevity. The rest of the 80% is based what we can control, like diet, exercise and surrounding ourselves with positive people. He also talks about his 101-year-old father, who is dedicated to exercising every day.

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DIY Icicle Chair - Home & Family

DIY Icicle Chair

Maria Provenzano is updating an ordinary chair by adding winter decorations to them using hot glue, parchment paper and paint. . Make sure the chair has a hard surface to hold the icicles. She found her chairs at a party store and bought them in bulk. Your glue gun should be on the hottest setting when using.

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