Darby Stanchfield Interview
 The talented actress joins Home & Family to talk about her role on the television series, “Scandal” which airs on ABC Thursday nights at 9/8c. She talks about the current season and how her character Abby has been taking on a lot of responsibility, but adds that her character has a major change coming in the next few episodes! Darby talks about the fun of working with Kerry Washington, and how thoughtful the actress is on set. Darby grew up in the small town of Kodiak, Alaska and recently returned to enjoy visiting glaciers and fishing for halibut! Her father was a commercial fisherman and she shares that there are incredible stories that came out of his career. Darby is also a fan of remodeling, and talks about a craftsman project that she worked on for about a year!

Braised Curried Oxtail - Home & Family

Braised Curried Oxtail and Down-Home Sides
Chef Govind Armstrong visits Home & Family to cook up a delicious soul food dish in honor of Black History month. Govind explains that oxtail is the tail of the cow and is an inexpensive cut of meat that requires slow cooking. Braising is the process of cooking meat slowly in moisture to break down the structure. The chef shares his love of spices, and notes that they serve as a reminder of cultural background. His family is from the Caribbean where spices from around the world were traded. This recipe uses allepo (a crushed red pepper), turmeric, cumin and curry. He notes also that grinding seeds produces a more pungent piece blend than pre-ground mixtures.

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Kym's Natural Skin Lightening Tips - Home & Family

Natural ways to lighten your skin
Kym Douglas is on set to show off some techniques for lightening and brightening your skin
using natural items! Aloe can help with acne scars and dark pimple marks, and should be applied
twice a day for up to two weeks. Lemon increases cell turnover and lightens dark spots. Avocado
helps prevent wrinkles and cure sun damage; apply regularly at nighttime for a lovely glow!

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Ken Wingard's DIY Marquee Sign - Home & Family

DIY Marquee Sign
Ken Wingard is in the workshop with a decorative and fun way to lighten up your home.
He shows off some original designs that were featured for theaters and hotels and demonstrates
how to recreate this classic look for your own home. A store bought version can cost into the hundreds,
but this DIY costs only $50 to create from scratch!

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Huw Collins Interview
The actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about “Pretty Little Liars” which airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c
on the Freeform network.  The show has jumped ahead five years in time, and the actor talks about how the show has matured a bit and it was a great time to join the production. He shares a clip from the show for the audience to enjoy. Huw enjoys playing softball with members of the cast and crew. Huw shares photos from his wedding in Tuscany and he talks about how he and his wife met!

Heart Disease in Younger Women
Cardiologist Dr. Nieca Goldberg shares the alarming news that recent studies have found an increase
in heart attacks in younger women. 64% of women who die suddenly of heart disease have no previous symptoms. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, stomach discomfort, cold sweats, nausea and lightheadedness. It is important to find ways to relax during the day to relieve stress to prevent heart attacks, and to research your family’s heart health history.

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Heartie Chocolate Cake - Home & Family

Throw a “When Calls the Heart” Party!
The third season of When Calls the Heart premieres Sunday, February 21st at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.
Cristina and Mark show off ways to celebrate the show’s new season with friends and family!
Cristina bakes a flourless chocolate heart shaped cake, and Mark shows off fan created #HeartieArt.
They also share photos of #Heartie Debra Bailey participating in fan events! The family members love
the rich, dense cake.

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DIY Dog Training Toy - Home & Family

DIY Dog Training Toys
Laura Nativo is on set with her beloved pooch Delilah to demonstrate a way to engage your canine
friend! A flirt pole is a training toy which provides a fun, interactive way to exercise. It is essentially a long rod, with a bungee cord attached  to a toy. The pole allows the dog or cat to follow their natural prey drive. This training tool can also help to reinforce training cues!

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Paige's DIY Felt Vests - Home & Family

DIY Felt Vests
Paige Hemmis is on hand to show off a fun and funky way to wear a vest style! Paige is happy to share
this super simple and easy DIY and shows off several looks featured on the show.

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