Laura Nativo’s DIY Dog Training Toys

Materials & Steps:

  1. For a medium to large size dog, buy a 4 -6 foot piece of ½ inch PVC Pipe.
  2. For a small dog, buy a 2-3 foot piece of ¼ inch PVC Pipe.
  3. For a cat, buy a 1-2 foot piece of ¼ inch PVC Pipe
  4. Buy strong bungee rope and thread it threw your PVC Pipe.
  5. Tie a knot at either end to keep the rope from sliding in and out.
  6. Your rope can be at least double the length of your PVC pipe.
  7. Tie your pet's favorite toy to the end. Ideally something with fur, wool or for cats, feathers!
  8. *Optional: Buy fun electrical colored tape and wrap the pvc pipe in swirled colors.

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