This DIY is impossibly easy and wonderful to wear!


  • 2 yards of felt (or whatever fabric you would like). Felt is my favorite fabric since it keeps it’s integrity without sewing
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Optional: If you want the ends to be bound and tidy, you can sew the edges or use fabric tape and fold over the edges.

Paige's DIY Felt Vests - Home & Family


1. Lay out your fabric on a flat surface.

2. Create the pattern.

3. Measure your bust circumference. Draw a circle with this measurement as the circle's diameter.

4. Measure for the armholes. Measure across your back from arm to arm to determine how far apart to make the armholes. Determine the armhole depth by measuring from the top of your shoulder to about 3 inches below your armpit.

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