Former White House Chefs Cook Up Some Holiday Goodness

Former White House Chefs Sam Morgante, Tal Sims, Julie Koski, and Ivan Saez join the Home & Family kitchen to prepare some delicious holiday dishes. They cook cornish game hens, braised carrots and winter greens along with other savory recipes and a luxurious dessert! The chefs all talk about what it is like preparing a Presidential dinner, all the way down to the First Lady having the final say about what goes on the holiday menu.

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Prepare your own Presidential White House Christmas Dinner!  This menu was prepared for President George W. Bush in 2004.  Originally created by a White House Executive Chef, the recipes in their entirety are a safely kept secret.  Home & Family’s own Executive Chef, Shanti Hinojos, has adapted the menu for our viewers!  Bon Appetit!

White Shrimp Sherried Bisque

Cornish Game Hens with Oven Dried Figs

Braised Young Carrots and Winter Greens

Vine Ripened Tomato Salad

Green Beans with Dandelion Greens

Pistachio Ice Cream and Dried Apricot Brandy Sauce Trifle

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Shirley Bovshow and Tanya Memme Show You Last-Minute Table Decor

Garden designer Shirley Bovshow and Momtrepreneur Tanya Memme team up with Cristina to show you how to decorate your table last-minute for the holidays. Tips include using DIY decorative picture frames and using flowers from your own garden. Cristina found some domes from old cheeseboards she had and put some little lights in each one, creating a nice glow. The table will look festive and will make you feel ready for the holidays.

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Kym and Sophie Have a Christmas PJ Fashion Show

Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas host a Christmas Pajama Fashion Show. The Home & Family “family” join in with their pajama fashion, from leopard print to camouflage. Everybody has a good time strutting their stuff!

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‘Days of our Lives’ stars Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley Perform a Holiday Classic

The stars of ‘Days of our Lives’ Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley perform “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for Home & Family. Jen tells the story of how she asked some of Frank SInatra’s old band members to play the music for the song, and they agreed! The two actors also talk about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the popular soap.

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Mark and Brayden Rogers Make a Fan Fort

Country singer and TV personality Matt Rogers brought his son along and together they show Mark how to build a “Fan Fort.” All you really need is a large bed sheet or duvet cover, packing tape and a fan.

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Paul Draper Does Magic

Magician and mentalist Paul Draper talks about Christmas magic. He performs a magic trick involving a missing playing card and that leaves his audience with their jaws opened. Paul even shows the gang some Chanukah magic with oil!

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Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family Program

Mark and Cristina meet their Salvation Army family they “adopted” for the holidays. Case manager Shavona Parker describes how Salvation Army assists with finding housing for families in need, as well as child care and jobs for those who have fallen on hard times. “Santa” surprises the chosen family with presents and brings an instant smile to the kids’ faces!

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Dr. JJ Discusses Which Toys are Safe for Kids This Holiday Season

With Christmas right around the corner, Dr. JJ talks about toys and safety. A few helpful tips that she offers up are to make sure the toys are lead-free, non-toxic, flame-retardant, and to avoid toys with small parts that children could easily choke on.

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