Thursday, September 5. 2019

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Adoption Ever After Recaps - Opal, Gum, and Ray - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After – Opal & Gump
Mother and Son duo, Opal and Gump are two amazing dogs that are looking to go to a home together. They are great couch potatoes and love going on walks and car rides. They get along great with other dogs and kids.

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Adoption Ever After Fund and Bungalow
Cameron, Debbie and Larissa announce Hallmark’s new initiative, the Adoption Ever After Fund, where you can help donate to different nonprofits. This month’s partner will be Petfinder. They also reveal plans to debut the Adoption Ever After Bungalow which will be a safe place for all the animals that come to visit.

For more information on the Adoption Ever After Fund visit:

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Guilt Free Mac & Cheese - Home & Family

Guilt-Free Mac & Cheese
The King of Comfort Food, Eric Greenspan is in the kitchen with Debbie making a Guilt-Free Mac & Cheese. Eric talks about his recent weight loss and says that this recipe is great for watching what you are eating. Instead of just cheese he uses acorn squash, nonfat Greek yogurt and a little bit of low fat cheddar cheese and feta. He talks about his new book, “Cook Up Comfort,” which he did in partnership with WW. He stresses that you don’t have to eliminate ingredients you just have to monitor the serving size.

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DIY Glowing Photos Luminaries - Home & Family

DIY Glowing Photos Luminaries
Ken Wingard joins Cameron to show him a shining DIY to create glowing photos luminaries, a great picture present that can be given to your Grandparents. For this DIY you can use any paper you want to print the photos but you should use only use a laser printer. As far as picking an image for this, it is good to pick vibrant photos with lots of color.

Get the Instructions for the Photos Luminaries >>

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Get Your Licks on Route 66 - Home & Family

Get Your Licks on Route 66
Susan and Greg Sims, founders of Get Your Licks on Route 66 and Fido Friendly Magazine are joined by Larissa to discuss all the animals they have rescued. Susan and Greg talk about their favorite Hallmark star, Danica McKellar who also happens to be their daughter-in-law. Danica’s mom sends a video to Susan and Greg with one of her cats that they helped her adopt. They are also joined by their adopted dog, Honey. It was love at first site when Greg and Susan met her. They share the Fido Wheel which goes on location with them. Larissa spins the wheel and wins a cat tree. Head to the Home and Family’s Facebook Page for your chance to win this prize.

For more information on Get Your Licks on Route 66 visit:

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Products for Lazy Moms
In honor of National Lazy Moms Day, happening on Friday, Kym is sharing some of her favorite products to make your day a little easier. Kym also shares a video of her going to a local store to ask moms what they would do if they could take a break.

Products Featured:
Mop Slippers, $16.99,

Blow Dryer Stand, $29.99,

Deja Cotton Pillowcase, $39.99,

Cupsy Couch Cady, $24.97,

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Gabrielle Carteris
Actress Gabrielle Carteris stops by to discuss the new reboot of BH90210 which reunited the whole cast back together. She talks about how it has been so much fun reuniting with her co-stars. It has felt like coming home to a special time in her life. She shares a story of going to Aaron Spelling to ask permission to start a family while she was on the original 90210 and to request it be written into the story. When she was in labor in real life, she watched her character give birth on air.

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Adoption Ever After Recaps - Opal, Gum, and Ray - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After – Ray
Ray is located in Charleston, South Carolina where they are preparing for Hurricane Dorian to possibly hit. He is 7 years old and is blind but that doesn’t slow him down. He is a wonderful sweet companion and is house trained. If you are in the path of the storm, check with your local shelter to see how you can help any of the pets at the shelters.

For more information on Ray visit:

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Persian Spinach and Eggs - Home & Family

Persian Greens and Egg
Aarti Sequeira is serving up a healthy Persian Greens and Eggs which is perfect no matter what time of day it is. It’s easy to pull together and consists of eggs, spinach, leeks and some garlic.

Get the recipe for the Greens and Eggs >>

For more on Aarti follow her on Instagram

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DIY Clay Mailbox
Maria is showing a cool DIY Clay Mailbox wall to help keep you organized. This is a great way to organize your mail, leave notes to family members and to store loose papers. Maria suggests buying the oven baked clay in bulk as you will need a lot. When you are creating the template for the clay use a Hallmark envelope to trace the outline.

Get the Instructions for the DIY Clay Mailbox >>

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September Fashion Forecast
Lawrence Zarian gives a sneak peek on what to expect fashion wise this September, his favorite time of year. He loves the energy of coming back from summer and wanting to change up your wardrobe as you get ready for the fall. Designers look at this month to kick off trends.

All looks available at

Look #1 Details
• Tahari Dusty Rose Boiled Wool Coat
• Max Studio Moody Mauve Funnel Neck Sleeveless Knit Top
• Democracy Dark Denim Skinny Leg Jean
• Lucky Brand Taupe Python Skin Bootie

Look #2 Details
• 1 State Pine Python Print High Low Chiffon Dress with Ruffled Detailing
• Michael Kors Black Suede Platform Ankle-Strap Sandal

Look #3 Details
• bar III Amber and Black Lace Trim Python Print Camisole
• bar III Black Window Pane Faux Double-Breasted Jacket
• bar III Black Window Pane Pleated Pant
• Steve Madden Suede Pointed Toe Sock Bootie.

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Christina Milian and Adam Demos
Christina Milian and Adam Demos sit down to discuss their new movie, “Falling Inn Love.” Debbie congratulates Christina who is expecting a baby boy. Christina shares a video of the baby gender reveal. Adam opens up that this was his first lead role and shares a prank Christina and the crew played on him. On the last day of filming when they wrapped, everyone applauded for Christina but when it was time to applaud for Adam, no one did. “Falling in Love” is streaming now on Netflix.

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DIY Vintage Tabletop Ornaments - Home & Family

DIY Vintage Tabletop Ornaments
Inspired by the Hallmark Movie and Mysteries movie, A Bramble House Christmas, Paige is showing a fun and unique way to dress up your house with Vintage Tabletop Ornaments. When you are looking for an ornament to use, make sure it is flat on the bottom so it can sit on a table.

Get the Instructions to the Tabletop Ornaments >>