Ken Wingard shows you a great DIY using family photos.


  • Clear hurricane vases or candle votives
  • Clear Con-Tact self-adhesive shelf liner
  • Laser printed photos on laser paper
  • Tealights
  • Soft tape measure
  • Bonefolder
  • Small bin or bowl for water
  • Scissors
DIY Glowing Photos Luminaries - Home & Family


1. Take your soft measuring tape and measure the height and circumference of your votive or vase. These will be the dimensions of your images.

2. Print your photos to the appropriate size on laser paper.
*It is crucial that the photos are printed using a laser printer on laser printing paper. *

3. Cut a piece of your clear shelf liner slightly bigger than your photo, peel the backing off and place the adhesive side down onto your photo smoothing any bubbles, wrinkles or bumps with a bonefolder.

4. Cut the photo to size.

5. Fill your small bin with warm lukewarm water, you will soak the photo for about 5-10 minutes all together.

6. After about one minute of soaking you can begin to take your thumbs and begin to gently rub the ALL of the paper residue off of the clear liner.
*Periodically allow the photo to dry and check for residue, repeat this step as many times as necessary. *

7. Let image dry completely.

8. Adhere to votive or vase by laying image face down with adhesive on the back, place the votive on its side with the image lined up to the top and bottom edge. Roll the votive or vase until the image is adhered all the way around.
*Use double sided tape for a temporary fix, spray adhesive otherwise. *

9. Place tealight in and enjoy!

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