Thursday, May 9th, 2019

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Robby Benson Visits - Home & Family

Robby Benson
Actor Robby Benson from “A Feeling of Home” stops to talk about the movie, which airs Saturday May 11 at 9pm/8c. He also discusses how the role resonated with him as a father and having dislocated his shoulder. He describes how he met his wife when they both worked on Broadway.

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Spaghetti Alle Vongole - Home & Family

Spaghetti Alle Vongole
Twins John and Tony Alberti show you how to prepare the perfect pasta dish. A key to this recipe is using fresh clams. They suggest throwing the clams out if they don’t open during cooking.

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DIY Summer Wreaths - Home & Family

DIY Summer Wreaths
Paige and Ken show you how to make a fun DIY summer wreaths. Paige suggests using poultry fence, not wire, for easier use. For his wreath Ken suggests figuring out where you’ll place the bigger shells before gluing.

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Lori Gottlieb “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”
Psychotherapist and author, Lori Gottlieb discusses her book, “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.” She talks about some of the misconceptions people have around therapy. It’s more about learning about what is tripping you up and getting in your way, while giving you the tools to function better out in the world.

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Summer Sweaters
Lawrence Zarian shows you how to style your wardrobe with the perfect summer sweaters. Such type of materials include lightweight linens, cool cotton, and lightweight cashmere. Cotton knit sweaters are perfect fabric to wear year-round.

· Talbots petal yellow and white space-dyed open-stitch crewneck
· Sweater white bateau-neck tank, worn under the sweater
· White classic mid-rise denim skirt
· White braided slide sandals
· Flower and lemon necklace

· Modcloth pointelle light blue sweater
· Prologue olive wide leg cropped pants $30.00 (pants from target)
· Charles by charles tangerine fabric platform slides

· White open-front linen cardigan
· White drop-shoulder scoop neck linen tee
· India ink and white paisley stretch denim ankle pants
· Indigo blue gladiator micro-wedge nappa leather sandals

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Mary-Margaret Humes Stops By - Home & Family

Mary-Margaret Humes
Actress Mary-Margaret Humes stops by to talks about her Countdown to Summer movie, “A Feeling of Home,” which airs Saturday May 11 at 9pm/8c. She shares how different she is from her character in the movie and about moving to the east coast when she filmed “Dawson’s Creek.”

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Spiced Cauliflower Bagels
Author and Co-Founder of Well + Good, Melisse Gelula shows you how to make delicious cauliflower bagels. Using cauliflower adds protein and isn’t a refined carb. She also shows you how to make a refreshing Orange Zinger Juice, using turmeric and ginger, which help fight inflammation.

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Leonard Maltin
Author, film historian, and movie critic Leonard Maltin stops by to talk about his first film festival, Maltinfest. The festival runs May 10-12 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. He discusses how he started his career at 15 years old interviewing Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, and Charles M. Schulz.

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Meaningful Souvenir Ideas - Home & Family

Meaningful Souvenir Ideas
Maria shows you some clever ideas for souvenir gifts that you can turn it into something meaningful you can take back home. Included are such gifts like Zingerman’s Reuben Sandwich Kits and DIY Souvenir kit jar to commemorate the memories of an event during your trip.

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DIY Reindeer Silhouette
Paige Hemmis shows you how to make adorable Christmas reindeer silhouette. You can either draw the reindeer freehand or find a print online to trace. Paige suggests using foam core as alternative to plywood.

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