Marc Summers Visits
While Mark is on vacation, TV host Marc Summers joins Cristina in the co-host chair. Marc talks a little about what he has been up to recently, including being the Executive Producer of the Food Network’s ”Restaurant Impossible.” Cristina brings a video of Marc’s greatest hosting gigs including “Double Dare,” “What Would You Do?” and “Unwrapped.” Marc opens up to Cristina about being a cancer survivor and how his greatest motivation is his family, especially his new grandson.

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Chef Jack Witherspoon Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Jack Witherspoon Cooks!

Child chef Jack Witherspoon is in the kitchen to whip up some healthy fried chicken. Before Jack gets started, he shares with Marc that while he was battling his third fight with Leukemia, it was Marc’s show on the Food Network that helped him to form a connection with the host. He notes that it meant a lot to him because of Marc sharing his own story about his own battle with Leukemia on his show. Marc welcomes Jack’s story with a huge tearful hug.

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Do It Yourself Plaster Egg - Home & Family

DIY Plaster Egg

Ken Wingard gets you in the mood for Easter by creating a DIY plaster egg. Ken advises you to get your plaster from the craft store instead of the hardware store and in order to get the plaster to dry faster, use a hair dryer.

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Penelope Ann Miller Interview

Actress Penelope Ann Miller stops by to talk about her ABC drama “American Crime” and how it is to work with the creator of the show, John Ridley. As a director, Penelope credits John for knowing how to push actors outside their comfort zones. Penelope says that the fact she is the mother of two daughters in real life helped her in playing an intense character on the show.

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Cooking in Your Hotel Room - Home & Family

Cooking in Your Hotel Room

Kym Douglas gives you some easy tips on how to prepare food in your hotel room. These are great ideas for the person on the go and constantly traveling.

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The Zero-Pain Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Schneider visits Home & Family to talk about a pain-free smile makeover. SmileSimplicity Veneers help chipped, broken, gapped, misshapen, discolored and aged teeth. The procedure will cost you $800 a tooth.

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Bougainvilleas 101

Bougainvilleas 101

Shirley Bovshow gives you the lowdown on the colorful flower, bougainvilleas, which thrive in 65 to 110 degree temperatures. If you live in cold temperatures, make sure to plant your bougainvilleas in terra cotta pots. The flowers need lots of sunlight to bloom continuously. Another benefit to growing bougainvilleas is that they become drought intolerant once established in the ground or container.

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The Magic of Black Garlic - Home & Family

The Magic of Black Garlic

Dan Kohler is back in the Home & Family kitchen and this time he is joined by Chef Jack Witherspoon to talk about the magic of black garlic. Dan shows you all the uses for black garlic, including caramelizing them, roasting them and adding them to sauces!

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Spring Styles

Debbie gets you excited for spring by showing you all the latest fashions that will cost you under a hundred dollars. Each outfit is fun, flirty and perfect for the warmer weather! All the outfits in the fashion show are courtesy of Jane of Tarzana clothing store.

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