Great tips for the person on the go.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and today kym douglas is showing us that even if you’re a busy traveler, with no kitchen in sight, you too can cook up a warm and healthy breakfast!

How to cook an Egg with an iron:

Take a piece of foil and make it into a tray by folding up the sides

Crack an egg on to foil and place on top of iron (hot iron plate side up) until egg is cooked

How to cook bacon with an iron:

Wrap bacon in sheets of aluminum foil, folding up on all four sides to keep it from leaking.

Put foil on ironing board, and hold iron/move iron back and forth on the foil like you would a shirt until cooked.

*Be careful, foil gets hot.

*Wipe down iron after it cools to be sure you don’t get bacon grease on your clothes!

How to make oatmeal with a coffee pot:

Put two packets of instant oatmeal into the coffee pot

Pour a class of water (about 1 and a half cups) into the coffee pot, where you would normally put water if you are making coffee

Turn coffee pot on

Once water goes into the pot, stir and garnish with nuts or dried fruit

Cooking in Your Hotel Room - Home & Family

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