Thursday, June 6th, 2019

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Catherine Bell and James Denton Stop By - Home & Family

James Denton and Catherine Bell

Actors James Denton and Catherine Bell sit down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about the season 5 two-night premiere event Sunday at 8/7c and Monday at 8/7c of Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “Good Witch.” The two share what fans can expect in the new season and bring a clip from the premiere for the audience to enjoy! Be on the look out for new characters, too!

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Peanut Butter Pie - Home & Family

Peanut Butter Pie

Host of “The Norton Recipe,” Jim Norton is in the kitchen making a tasty dessert, peanut butter pie! Today, he is using peanut butter cookies, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter to make the crust. Make sure the crust is completely cool before placing your filling inside. When done with the filling, he adds Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, whipped topping and praline peanuts for the toppings.

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Natural Shaving Remedies

Kym Douglas is introducing you to shaving remedies made with all-natural ingredients. She points out that shaving bumps are common for those, especially with fair skin, so her remedies are here to help eliminate them. Today, she is making her own shaving cream, which will last up to three days. She also makes an all-natural after-shave to help sooth your skin.

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DIY Summer Painted Glassware

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to make your own decorative glassware. This is a great way to save money and use any extra glassware you may have around the house. Today she is making frosted sea glass, plaid paint pen glasses and painted brush stroke glasses.

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Sicilian Meatballs with Tomato Agrodolce -Home & Family

Sicilian Meatballs with Tomato Agrodolce

Executive chef of Spartina restaurant Stephen Kalt is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering Italian dish, Sicilian meatballs with tomato agrodolce. He adds golden raisins for some extra sweetness to this dish. The pine nuts will bring a nuttiness to the flavor, as well. He recommends refrigerating the ground beef before rolling them into balls to make it easier to shape.

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DIY Movie Reel Trays - Home & Family

DIY Movie Reel Trays

Ken Wingard is celebrating National Drive-In Movie Day with these fun DIY movie reel snack trays. When done, you will have the perfect DIY to store your popcorn, candy and soda in when enjoying a movie night at home!

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Trevor Donovan

Actor Trevor Donovan stops by Home & Family to talk about his book, “Love Always, Dogbert’s Journey.” He is joined by his dog, Tito as he shares his favorite memories of his late dog, Dogbert.

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Southern Fried Chicken - Home & Family

Southern Fried Chicken

Executive chef of Bourbon Steak restaurant Kyle Johnson is back in the kitchen and today he is making Southern fried chicken. A secret for extra-crispy chicken is using rice flour. Once you soak the chicken and bread it, he also recommends placing it in the refrigerator overnight, so the chicken dries out for an extra crunchiness. He pairs the chicken with a homemade honey-gochujang sauce that he pours over a slaw.

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DIY Holiday Book Purse - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Book Purse

Paige Hemmis is getting inspired by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie “A Christmas for the Books,” by making this fun holiday book purse. Before getting started, she recommends getting book that is the size of a clutch at your local thrift store. The book should be at least 600-700 pages so it will be deep enough to carry items like your phone and wallet.

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Timeless Bridesmaid Dresses

Lawrence Zarian is celebrating Hallmark Channel’s June Weddings, by introducing you to fashionable bridesmaid dresses that will never go out of style.


Adrianna Papell Nude Art Deco Cocktail Dress With Halter Neck

Beaded From Neckline To Hemline.

Available at:


Jenny Yoo Hibiscus Chiffon Overlay Dress, With An Airy, Flowy Chiffon Overlay Over The Bodice.

Available at:

Shoe: Classic single strap heel,


Sheer Lilac Long Sleeve, Pleated Midi Dress.

Available at:

Shoe: Lilac Faux Suede Stiletto heeled sandal,