Maria Provenzano is making plaid paint pen glasses, painted brush stroke glasses and frosted sea glass.

Materials for Frosted Sea Glass

  • Paint options: Spray paint for glass or enamel paint for glass
  • Painter’s tape
  • Painting sponge; use this if you are applying the paint with the enamel paint, not the spray paint

Materials for Plaid Paint Pen Glasses

  • Paint pens in various colors
  • Fabric measuring table

Materials for Painted Brush Stroke Glasses

  • Enamel paint
  • Paint brushes; for precision, you want to make sure to use thin brushes, not spongy

Directions for Frosted Sea Glass

1. Wash and dry the glasses so they are clean
2. Apply the painter’s tape to the glasses as desired for the design of choice
3. If using the enamel paint, use the sponge to press the paint onto the glass, not swipe (this process is similar to how you would use the same sponges on a stencil)
4. If using spray paint, make sure to completely cover the areas not being sprayed with painters’ tape for safety

Directions for Plaid Paint Pen Glasses

1. This is as simple as drawing the lines onto the cup with the paint pen
2. Use a fabric measuring table to wrap around the glass and make a small mark to evenly space out your lines

Directions for Painted Brush Stroke Glasses

1. Add brushstrokes of a single color as desired and allow to dry completely and then add another color and repeat until you have all the colors you like
2. Allow to dry completely

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