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DIY Movie Reel Tray

DIY Movie Reel Tray

Ken Wingard has a fun DIY to help you enjoy movie night.
  • Large film reel
  • Small film reel
  • Table top round
  • 4 flanges
  • Drill & Screws
  • E6000 Glue
  • Two 6” pipes
  • Spray paint


1. Find the center of your table top round and mark it. Screw the first flange directly into the center of the tabletop round.

2. Glue another flange on the middle point of both the top and bottom of the larger film reel. Let dry.

3. Glue the last flange on the middle point of only the bottom of your small film. Let dry.

4. Screw one 6” pipe into the flanges connecting the tabletop and the base of the large reel. Screw the second pipe onto the top of the large reel, connecting the base of the small reel.

5. Spray paint the entire piece as desired.

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