Thursday, June 27th, 2019

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Croque Madame - Home & Family

Croque Madame

Executive chef from Love & Salt restaurant Chris Feldmeier is in the kitchen making a classic French dish, croque madame. One of the keys to this recipe is the homemade béchamel, which adds an extra richness to the dish. Toast the croque madame on an iron cask skillet until it is golden brown then place in the oven with the egg.

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DIY Tiered Tea Stand - Home & Family

DIY Tiered Tea Stand

Maria Provenzano is getting inspired by Sunday’s all-new episode of Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch,” by making a tea tiered stand. She says that the china used for this tea stand can be mis-matched and purchased from your local thrift store. Since this is a tiered-style stand, you need three different sizes of tea cup sets. She recommends using a cake stand hardware kit that she found on Amazon, to help assemble.

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Keely the Kitten Foster

Larissa Wohl is joined by Keely Thomas and her mother Heather to talk about Keely’s mission in fostering kittens. Her mission started when she launched a viral video campaign teaching people how to foster kittens using stuffed animals. Since 2017, the Thomas family have fostered almost a hundred kittens. Keely also shares her dream to become a veterinarian and she enjoys teaching other kids about fostering kittens.

Adoption Ever After

NAME: Raptor, Shimmer, or Steven
LOCATION: Oceanside/Vista, CA

NAME: Lulu, Daisy, or Joy
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
RESCUE: The Furgotten

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Summer Marshmallow Treats

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is getting ready for summer with these fun kid-friendly summertime treats. Today she is making watermelon rice cereal treats and ice cream rice cereal treats. Make sure your rice cereal mixture is completely cooled before filling it in the bowl. Do not forget to butter the bowls before putting the rice cereal mixture inside so it will be easier to scoop out when it comes time to serve. When done, your treats will resemble a watermelon and ice cream cone!

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Mr. Iglesias

Actors Gabriel Iglesias, Cree Cicchino and Fabrizio Zacharee Guido sit down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about their new series, “Mr. Iglesias,” which is currently streaming on Netflix. In the series, Gabriel plays a teacher to a group of snarky students, two of them played by Cree and Fabrizio. Gabriel also discusses his popular stand-up routine as “Fluffy,” a nickname he reveals was given to him by his mother.

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DIY Sheet Music Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Music Sheet Coasters

Paige Hemmis is making these DIY sheet coasters. This is a sentimental DIY for Paige since her husband Jason is a singer. Using sheet music for your coasters is also a great way to celebrate your favorite songs. She finds her ceramic tiles at the local hardware store. She recommends ceramic tile because it is smooth and clean. Finally, she glues her sheet music to the surface using Mod Podge.

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Andy Andrews

New York Times best-selling author and corporate speaker Andy Andrews visits Home & Family to talk about his book, “The Bottom of the Pool.” He hopes his book will encourage its readers to unlock their greatest potential by expanding their thinking beyond their boundaries. His book is about looking for ideas below the surface, which inspired his title.

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DIY Letter Preservation - Home & Family

DIY Letter Preservation

Ken Wingard is in the Christmas Corner getting inspired by tonight’s airing of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Original Movie, “The Christmas Note,” by showing you how to make a letter preservation. When it comes to the wood, he encourages you to use high-quality like walnut or birch. Attach your wood pieces together using wood glue and clamps. When done, you will have a beautiful display to hold those sentimental letters you wish to preserve.

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Stuffed Peppers - Home & Family

Stuffed Peppers

Debbie is in the kitchen making a family-friendly meal of stuffed peppers. Today she is using red and yellow peppers and removes the seeds using a knife and her hands. She fills the peppers with ground pork, white rice, onions and an egg. You can also make a vegan version with vegetables, instead. Don’t be afraid to overstuff the peppers then place them in your dutch oven to cook.

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Wedding Songs

In celebration of Hallmark Channel’s June Weddings, the family members gather around and share their favorite wedding songs.