Ken Wingard is giving you a beautiful DIY to help display sentimental letters in your life.


  • (2) 1X3 wood pieces
  • (1) 1x6 wood piece
  • (2) Acrylic pieces
  • Drill
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Acrylic display box
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Optional: hot glue
DIY Letter Preservation - Home & Family


1. Drill 4 holes in each acrylic piece

2. (Two holes with be in the top corners, the bottom two will be towards the bottom but not the corners)

3. Place letter between acrylic pieces

4. Screw in nuts and bolts

5. Use wood glue to connect 1x3 pieces to 1x6 wood piece, leave empty space in the center (where the frame will slide in)

6. Secure with clamp and let dry 24 hrs

7. Slide acrylic frame into place

8. Fill acrylic display box with desired item

9. Place on the wood base

10. Optional: use hot glue to secure

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