Thursday, June 13th, 2019

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Olive Oil Ricotta Cake - Home & Family

Olive Oil Ricotta Cake

Courtney Rich of “Cake by Courtney” is in the kitchen making a delicious dessert of olive oil ricotta cake with a homemade strawberry basil compote. This cake would be perfect to serve at a wedding reception because it is so light. The olive oil keeps the cake moist, which allows you to enjoy it days after you make it. When done with the cake, she decorates it with fresh berries.

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DIY Tie Glass Case - Home & Family

DIY Tie Glass Case

Ken Wingard is celebrating National Sewing Machine Day with this fun DIY turning an old tie into a useful glass case. He explains that this is a great DIY to teach children how to sew because it involves only one stitch. Before getting started, make sure to cut the tie to double the length of your glasses. This case will also make a great gift for upcoming Father’s Day!

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Annie Potts

Actress Annie Potts sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about the return of her character “Bo Peep” in the new movie, “Toy Story 4” which opens in theaters June 20th. She credits her son to persuading her to take the voiceover role in the first “Toy Story.” She also discusses what it was like working so closely with fellow actor Tom Hanks, who provides the voice of Sheriff Woody.

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DIY Outdoor Mini-Fridge

HGTV's J. Pickens is outside showing you how to give your mini-fridge a rustic patio makeover using vinyl flooring. When attaching the wood to the fridge, make sure you give it a least a full day to dry. Your adhesive should be weather-proof because the fridge will be living outside. He attaches hooks on the side of the fridge, to hold your BBQ appliances.

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Lisa Loeb

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb visits Home & Family to talk about how summer camp can help shape a child’s life and how it helped shape hers. She started The Camp Lisa Foundation, which raises money to help children in need attend summer camp. She credits summer camps to helping get children off their screens, while enhancing their communication skills.

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Fish and Chips - Home & Family

Fish and Chips

Chef and owner of Tackle Box restaurant, Brian Huskey is in the kitchen making a British favorite, fish and chips. He says the key to this dish is finding a perfect piece of fish, today he is using Alaskan cod. He also shows you how to make your own batter, revealing that his secret ingredient is turmeric, which provides the fish a nice golden hue. He also emphasizes that the oil should be at exactly 375 degrees before dipping your fish in it to fry.

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DIY Piece of Home Tree - Home & Family

DIY Piece of Home Tree

Paige Hemmis is in the Christmas Corner and getting inspired by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie, “Last Vermont Christmas,” with this sentimental DIY. Today, she is using spindles and stacks them to resemble a tree. She sands with the wood and paints them to give the tree a more rustic feel. To attach the tree, she uses both wood glue and hot glue for best results. Don’t miss “Last Vermont Christmas,” tonight at 9/8c.

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Ask Mr. Dad

Author and podcaster Armin Brott sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about his book on fatherhood. He was inspired to write these series of new dad books because he found a minimal selection when he was in search of books on fatherhood. His first book, “The Expectant Father,” was the book he wished he had when his wife was pregnant. His books are divided in three month sections to go along with the child’s development as well as the dad’s.

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Grilled Pizza - Home & Family

Dinner and a Movie

Debbie Matenopolous is outside grilling up a delicious pizza. When it comes to the dough, she recommends going to your local pizza place and asking to purchase some uncooked dough. She also shows you how to make your own sauce and pizza topping bar. When you are done, you will have a mouth-watering dish to enjoy while watching Saturday’s Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love, Take Two.”

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Natural Jewelry Cleaners

Kym Douglas is showing you how to keep your gold, silver and pearl jewelry sparkle with these easy DIY cleaners made with all-natural materials. She advises you to use tin foil to polish your silver and cautions you to never clean your pearls in water.

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