Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

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Adam Conover Interview - Home & Family

Adam Conover
Adam Conover is known as everyone’s favorite bubble buster from his myth crushing show, “Adam Ruins Everything.” He tells Cameron and Debbie about his new Nickelodeon show, “The Crystal Maze” in which he is guiding families through challenges as the Maze Master.

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DIY Room Dividers
Ken Wingard helps create much needed space to make a bold statement in your home with his DIY Room Dividers. This DIY was inspired by the new Hallmark Channel movie, “Hearts of Winter” as Jill Wagner plays an interior designer.

Hearts of Winter” premieres Saturday, January 25th at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Orange and Cardamom Poppers - Home & Family

Orange Cardamom Poppers Recipe
Maria Provenzano joins Cameron in the kitchen to make a tiny and sweet treat – Orange Cardamom Poppers. They are small and mighty treat that will give you a donut taste without all the heavy lifting in the kitchen.

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Valerie Burton – Life Coaching for Successful Women
The path to success can be full of obstacles but how we respond determines whether we achieve our dreams. Valerie Burton author of “Life Coaching for Successful Women” helps coach us through with tips from her new book.

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DIY Woodland Floor Lamp - Home & Family

DIY Woodland Floor Lamp
Paige Hemmis shines a light on the natural beauty of winter with her DIY Woodland Floor Lamp.

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Dr. Mark Hyman – Food Fix
New York Times best-selling author Mark Hyman visits to share how we can save our health, communities, and the planet one bite at a time with his new book, “Food Fix.”

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Pet Adoption - Monday - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Monday is an adorable and sweet 3-month-old long hair Lab Shepherd mix. He is rambunctious and loves to talk and play. He is everything you want in a puppy.

Find out how to adopt Monday at

Sergio is a five-year-old little cutie. He is a poodle mix that loves to be held, gets along with other dogs and likes to play with his toys.

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DIY Double Gloves
Orly Shani has a DIY that will warm your hands and your hearts. Orly shows us a cool way to stay warm with double gloves that kids and adults will love.

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Chef Jason Fullilove – BBQ Pulled Pork Agnolotti
Chef Jason Fullilove has cooked all around the world and brings flavors from his travels to the kitchen with his BBQ Pulled Pork Agnolotti.

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Cellulite Busters
Many women struggle with the issue of cellulite. Kym Douglas shares her cellulite busters to combat those unsightly dimples. Kym’s tips include:

• Caffeine Scrub

• Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Cellulite Brush

• Adonia LegTone Serum

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2020 Trends
A new year means new trends. They family shares 2020 food and craft trends including seaweed snacks, Dandelion tea, and a DIY Plastic Bottle Zipper Case that helps reduce waste.

Seaweed Facts (Seaweed Snacks)

  • Mineral content of sea plants is about 10x greater than that of land plants

Primary mineral compounds found in seaweed are:

  • Iodine
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Potassium

  • In general, marine plants have more iron than spinach or egg yolks

  • Iodine is the most important element in sea plants, since it’s so hard to find in land plants and it’s essential to a healthy body (which is why we add it to salt, so people don’t get iodine deficiencies!)

  • Seaweed is packed with amino acids (i.e. protein)

  • The kind of fiber found in seaweed is the healthiest variety (soluble dietary fiber)

How to cook:

  • Soak in water
  • Make dressing with some oil and vinegar
  • Add garnish (seeds or scallion)

Dandelion Facts (Dandelion Tea)

  • It’s a bitter plant, and the compounds that create the bitter flavors are designed as a defense system, so animals don’t eat the plant

  • But the bitter compounds are packed with phytonutrients

  • Bitterness promotes digestion, and stimulates the liver to produce more bile

  • Bitter foods can also help moderate your hunger levels

  • Dandelion is rich in vitamin A, K, & C, calcium, iron, and potassium

Get the full instructions for Maria’s DIY Plastic Bottle Zipper Case >>