Shine a light on the natural beauty of winter.


  • Wooden sticks either from outside or decorative craft store is fine
  • Wooden craft round
  • Electrical light cord
  • 1” Wooden dowel cut into four equal sizes to create the legs of your lamp
  • Forstner bits one the proper size to create a hole for you dowel and one large to fit the light cord.
  • Mallet
  • Masking tape
  • Small screws
  • Power drill
  • Nail gun


  • Wood glue


  1. First you want to create the hole for your electrical socket to fit in. Find the center of your wooden craft round and drill through it with your larger Forstner bit. This will be messy, so it is best to do it outside.
  2. To create the legs for your lamp, put the Forstner bit into your drill that is the proper size for your dowels. Tape off with some masking tape how deep the hole should be.
  3. Mark four spots on the bottom of the round. Drill into the bottom of the round to the masking tape.
  4. Put the dowels into the holes, add wood glue for security.
  5. Put the socket into the hole and screw through the provided holes into the wooden round to secure it. Now you’ve got the base of your lamp!
  6. Flip the base over and put the lightbulb in. Plug it in and make sure everything still works.
  7. Use your nail gun to start attaching sticks to the edge of your wooden craft round. Adding large sticks first, then smaller. Make sure the sticks go all the way to the ground so that they cover the base. PRO TIP: Leave a space for your hand to go through and remove the lightbulb if necessary, you should also be able to do this from the top depending how tall your sticks are.
  8. Place, plug in and enjoy!

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