Jonathan Kite in the Kitchen

Actor Jonathan Kite is with Cristina in the kitchen, only he’s his alter-ego “Chef Oleg” from “Two Broke Girls.” Adding a little comedy into his cooking routine, he prepares a good old fashioned cheeseburger with french fries. Chef Oleg’s hot tip to make his burgers the best: ketchup and cheese. The funnyman has an exclusive announcement for Home & Family… he’s starting a fashion line!

DIY Heart Tee - Home & Family

DIY Heart Tee

Orly Shani is showing off how to create a fun and trendy top using an old shirt you have laying around. She recommends using a good cotton shirt or a jean jacket. The sturdier the fabric, the better. She advises staying away from tops that are cut on the bias or made of loose net. This entire DIY will only cost you $7!

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Kenya Moore Interview

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kenya Moore sits down with Mark and Cristina and opens up about her life, starting with stories about being raised by her grandmother. She even talks about her difficult childhood and the feeling of rejection by her teenage mother and the five-year estrangement she had with her father. Today, Kenya is thriving with a new hair care line called “Moore Hair Care!” and working on her memoir titled, “Invisible.”

Makeup For Your Partner’s Zodiac

Beauty and Astrology Expert Robby LaRiviere talks about how your zodiac sign can be related to your makeup and fashion. He breaks down each zodiac element, water, earth, fire and air and how they can include Robby’s fashion, makeup and hair tips into their Valentine’s night out with their lover.

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Warm Apple Streusel Pie - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina enlists the help of Mark in the kitchen as she bakes a Warm Apple Streusel Pie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This happens to be Mark’s favorite dessert and Cristina gives him some tips on how he can make his own at home. She also reminds Mark that if he doesn’t want to use warm apples, he can also use warm peaches, which are also in season. Cristina even surprises Mark with a collection of Valentine’s Day presents and tearfully delivers them to him. Mark then surprises Cristina with some presents, as well.

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DIY Wire Headbands - Home & Family

DIY Wire Headbands

Ken Wingard is making wire headbands that are not only fashionable but also stay comfortably in place. He recommends using remnants, napkins, a dress or an old shirt for the material. This entire DIY will cost you under a dollar, where you could be spending up to $15 if you bought it in a retail store!

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Kitten Bowl III - Home & Family

Kitten Bowl III

Paige Hemmis opens up about her lifelong love for cats and even shares a video of how her three cats greet her when she gets home from work. So, naturally, she is the perfect family member to talk about Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl III.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton has a whole new list of deals you can find on this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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The Meaning of Roses' Colors - Home & Family

The Meaning Behind the Colors of Roses

Shirley Bovshow introduces Home & Family to the variety of colored roses and what each one means. She explains that in old Persia and in the the Victorian era, women were often not allowed to communicate their feelings, so they used roses as a way to spread their message. The reason why red roses symbolize love is because the color gets deeper with time.

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