The Meaning Behind the Color of Roses

Shirley Bovshow breaks down the variety of roses.

Popular Color Roses - And Their Meanings

RED- Ultimate expression of romantic love for your partner

PINK- Dark pink indicates admiration, gratefulness or say's "thank you"

WHITE-Expresses purity and innocence as a love parent has towards their children

YELLOW- The warmth of yellow roses is shared with platonic friends or co- workers

ORANGE- The color of burning embers reveals a fascination or romantic crush on someone

Popular Rose Styles

STANDARD/MODERN ROSE: Classic long stem hybrid tea rose with pointed center bloom. 2-3"-inches wide. 10 days vase life. Bred for vase and arrangement performance No fragrance (Tibet, Escimo, Mondial)

GARDEN/ENGLISH ROSE: Old fashioned rose style bred for longer vase life: 7-10 days. Rosette or deep cup shape, more fragrant than modern rose. Popular wedding flower. (Alabaster, Juliet, Wild Spirit)

SPRAY ROSE: Miniature cluster rose. Each stem 3-5 blooms. Last 7-10 days. Good for small scale arrangements and most affordable rose. (Viviane, Majolica)

POTTED MINI ROSE: Long lasting mini rose plant in many colors for garden lover. Available year round.

--Don't delay putting your roses in water when you receive them.
--Remove the leaves from the stem so they don't rot in the water
--Make fresh diagonal cut on bottom of stems and dip in "hydrating solution" for 1 second
--Place conditioned rose in cool water that's been prepared with flower food --Change water and recut stems every few days for extended bloom

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