Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is making some fun treats that kids will love this Halloween.

Ingredients for Boo-Nana

  • Banana
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Regular chocolate chips

Ingredients for Tangerine Pumpkins

  • Tangerines
  • Celery

Ingredients for Spooky Grape Eyes

  • Grapes
  • Sugar Eyes
  • White Candy Melts

Ingredients for Pretzel Broomsticks

  • Pretzel sticks
  • Slice of Cheese
  • Chive onion

Directions for Boo-Nana

1. Chop the banana in half.
2. Push 2 mini chocolate chips in the for the eyes.
3. Push one regular size chocolate chip in for the mouth.
4. Ta-da!

Directions for Tangerine Pumpkins

1. Peel your tangerine.
2. Chop up your celery.
3. Take a piece of the celery & stick it in the little hole at the top of the tangerine.
4. Ta-da!

Directions fro Spooky Eye Grapes

1. Melt your candy melts.
2. Once melted, dab a little bit of the candy melt onto the grape with a toothpick & then attach the sugar eye on top.
3. Set on towel or a surface where the grape won’t roll around to dry.
4. Then put them all in a bowl to get the full spooky effect!

Directions for Pretzel Broomsticks

1. Take your slice of cheese & using a knife cut little slices on the end to get the broom effect for the bottom.
2. Take you pretzel stick & start rolling the top part of the cheese slice around the pretzel stick 3. Once completely rolled up, use your chive & make a little tie around the broo
4. Ta-da!

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