Monday, July 29th, 2019

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Adoption Ever After – Ruby - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After – Ruby
Meet Ruby, a 10-month-old pure bred Labrador. She is playful, sweet, and has the best manners. She loves kids, dogs, and the water.

Find out more about Ruby and other adoptable pets at

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Warm Summer Night Firefly Sign - Home & Family

Warm Summer Night Firefly Sign
Maria Provenzano shows you how to capture the magic of summer with her DIY firefly sign. She recommends using wire lights, because they are more malleable and stick better.

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Southern Tea Cakes - Home & Family

Southern Tea Cakes
Food & Lifestyle Blogger Marissa Allen shows you how to serve up some sweet summer treats for those hot summer days. While baking Marissa discusses her bake shop, the Cookie Society which offers made-to-order cookies delivered to your door.

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Author of "The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change" Jon Gordon
Best-selling author and inspiration speaker Jon Gordon discusses his new book “The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.” He uses the analogy of the coffee bean transforming the water as an example of change because it transforms the environment.

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Pretty Plumerias
Shirley Bovshow shows you how you can capture the aloha spirit with her grow anywhere tropical oasis. She recommends using a terracotta pot, because its porous nature allows for air and water to move through the walls. For best results, plant plumeria in ½ potting and ½ succulent mix.

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Veggie Mexican Lasagna - Home & Family

Veggie Mexican Lasagna
Author and host Pati Jinich shows you how to make a veggie loaded lasagna with a spicy south of the border twist. For this recipe you can make all the fillings ahead of time for easy preparation.

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Adoption Ever After – Shadow
Meet Shadow, a mixed Terrier Chihuahua. Shadow loves to sit on laps, she’s sweet and playful, and is looking for a forever home with a loving family.

Find out more about Shadow and other adoptable pets at

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Viewer Mail - Home & Family

Viewer Mail
Maria, Orly and Shirley answer some viewer mail. Maria shows an easy and affordable way of making cool art with a paint/peel art DIY. Orly shows you an easy way to shorten the length of shirts. And, Shirley shows you how to dry herbs with a repurposed portable rack using a plant support cage. Shirley recommends setting this up indoors, because leaving the herbs to dry outside degrades the oils in the herbs for later use as seasonings.

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Dr. Mark Menolascino - Home & Family

Dr. Mark Menolascino
Author of “Heart Solution for Women: A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,” Dr. Mark Menolascino stops by. He discusses how women’s heart disease is different from men’s and some of the signs women can look for that may indicate heart disease. One sign are creases on the earlobes, which tell you there is oxidative stress and inflammation. Skin bumps on the skin are commonly related to food sensitivities. And, blue rings around the iris, known as Arcus Senilis can be an indicator of elevated cholesterol levels.

More information available at

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DIY Placemat Clutch Purses
Orly Shani shows you how to convert your old placemats into one of a kind stylish custom clutches. This is a fun project that you can do with your teenagers. Orly recommends tucking in the corners before gluing for a more pouch-like shape and a flat bottom for the clutch to stand.

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BBQ Salmon Bowl - Home & Family

BBQ Salmon Bowl
Chef Chris Mills makes a savory BBQ salmon rice bowl for a true summer night delight. He recommends marinating the salmon in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. The thicker the salmon, the longer the cooking time.

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Happy Tail
Larissa Wohl shares the happy tail of some of the adoption ever after pets Shamir, Olive, and Bonnie. She is then joined by Susanne and Chris Beckett who adopted Bonnie after their dog Penny passed away and honored her passing by welcoming Bonnie into their home.