Monday, July 22 2019

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Woven Stocking Cookies - Home & Family

Stocking Cookies
YouTube star and author Rosanna Pansino visits Home & Family during Christmas in July to share a recipe for adorable Woven Stocking Cookies! Rosanna is excited for the Christmas in July movie marathons that she enjoys with family members. The dough is quite sticky so be sure to refrigerate it for a while before handling. Rosanna adds a delicious Swiss Buttercream icing once the cookies are cool. Finally, Rosanna talks about the new addition to her family, Blueberry the puppy!

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DIY Poinsettia Pillows - Home & Family

DIY Poinsettia Pillows
DIY Expert Ken Wingard shows off an inexpensive Holiday DIY featuring a classic Christmas flowering plant. First, print out the pattern and choose your felt. There are different types of felt- go with the more premium version as it will make a difference in the final result. Each pillow will take about ten petals, set them in a star shape. The final product will look so fitting on your couch during the holiday season!

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Dean Cain Interview - Home & Family

Dean Cain Interview
Dean Cain, actor and host of the CW television show “Masters of Illusion” stops by to chat with Debbie and Larissa about his show! Dean shares that the show features magicians from ten different countries with all different talents. Dean opens up about his son who has recently gone away to college in North Carolina and talks about the special relationship he has shared with his own father, and describes how his father was always there for him during his toughest times.

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How to Preserve Figs
Today Shirley Bovshow is giving tips on how to preserve this nutritious fruit referred to as nature’s candy! Figs are full of anti-oxidants and fiber; summer is the best time for harvesting them. When selecting them, choose ones that have a bit of brown and feels full and plump. Figs will last up to three days in the fridge, but up to two years in the freezer. When using a dehydrator, cut figs in half for faster drying and when storing dried figs minimize the air exposure in your container by filling it as much as possible.

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Spirit of Giving Year Round
Licensed Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser is visiting the show to share with viewers ideas for year round giving. Stacy recommends that families have traditions all year round to help celebrate their special connection. For kids, it is important to talk to them about being kind all year-round, not just near Christmas time. Ken shares that he and his children go through their toys and decide on donations on a regular basis. Stacy and the family members agree that compassion and gratitude are such important values to pass on to children.

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DIY Pasta Wreath - Home & Family

DIY Macaroni Wreath
Maria Provenzano is showing off a fun holiday wreath made with dry pasta! She was inspired by the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie, “Rome in Love” starring Italia Ricci and Peter Porte. Maria is using pasta in summery shapes, including large and medium shells as well as orecchiette. You can pick up your wreath base forms at your local craft store, and you will also need your hot glue gun, spray paint and glitter. Have fun with the details!

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Sunday Night Chicken Parmesan - Home & Family

Chicken Parmesan
Larissa joins Chef Jet Tila in the kitchen to whip up a hearty dish of Chicken Parmesan! Be sure to use a mallet to flatten the chicken and season everything generously. Jet recommends using Panko breadcrumbs because they provide a better crunch than regular breadcrumbs.

Jet’s new book “101 Epic Dishes” is available now!

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Kym’s Homemade Stocking Stuffers
Today Kym has some special homemade Christmas in July DIY gifts for Larissa, Shirley and Debbie! The ladies reach into their stockings to discover their treats.
Larissa receives a Peppermint Pout Chapstick for moisturizing lips. Shirley’s gift is Hand “Santa-Tizer” which is made with aloe vera and witch hazel. Debbie’s homemade present is a DIY Lump of Coal to be used as a Charcoal Body Scrub!

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Poppy Northcutt Interview
Rocket scientist, lawyer and activist Frances “Poppy” Northcutt joins Home & Family to discuss the newly released film, “Apollo 11 First Steps Edition” which is available in select IMAX theaters and science centers. Poppy was the first woman in the Apollo Space Program’s “Mission Control” and her role was to bring the astronauts home.

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Adoption Ever After - Binx & Figaro - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Today, Larissa introduces Binx and Figaro who are currently in Nashville, Tennessee at Music City Animal Rescue. These playful 3 1/2 month old kittens are ready to find their forever home! Next up, puppy Majorette in South Bend, Indiana is a Yorkie mix and weighs less than 3 pounds! She loves other dogs, is great with cats, and is ready to join a loving family.

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Viewer Mail - Home & Family

Viewer Mail
The Family members take time to answer viewer questions. First, Ken gives advice on how to stop new rugs from rolling up so you do not trip over them in your hallway. Next, Debbie reveals a traditional recipe for Greek Village Salad. Lastly, Maria shares the perfect DIY for kids to do in the fall, DIY acorn towels.

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