Monday, January 7th, 2019

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Jen Lilley talks "Winter Love Story" - Home & Family

“Winter Love Story” star Jen Lilley visits
Actress Jen Lilley stops by to talk about her new Hallmark Channel original movie, “Winter Love Story.” Jen discusses her character and working on the movie. She also shares stories from her childhood in Virginia.

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Indian Rice Pudding - Home & Family

Aarti Sequeira's Indian Rice Pudding
Chef Aarti Sequeira stops by to share her deliciously creamy rice pudding recipe. To give this dish a traditional Indian flavor, Aarti suggests using Basmati rice. She also adds rose water and cardamom to complete the traditional Indian flavor.

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DIY Winter Scene - Home & Family

Paige's DIY Winter Scene
Paige is turning an ordinary shadow box into a winter wonderland with this fun DIY. She adds, if you are working with kids on this project use wood glue rather than hot glue.

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Patrick Warburton
Actor and Philanthropist Patrick Warburton stops by to talk about his work with World Vision. World Vision is the leading provider of clean water in Africa. Patrick talks about his recent trip to Africa and his plans to return in 2019.

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Ice Cube Beauty - Home & Family

Ice Cube Beauty with Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas shows you why ice has become one of the hottest beauty trends. Kym shows how you can use ice to tighten and firm your skin, and fight off blemishes.

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Cornbread Crust Beef Pie - Home & Family

Stuart O’Keeffe's Cornbread Crust Beef Pie
Chef Stuart O’Keeffe shows you how to make a hearty and delicious cornbread crust beef pie. This is the perfect recipe for a quick and easy recipe to make during the weekday.

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DIY Snowflake Place Settings
Maria Provenzano shows you how you can add a little winter magic to your dinner table with these DIY place settings. She suggest using a low temperature hot glue setting when working with plastic.

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Frosty Winter Centerpiece - Home & Family

Michael Gaffney's Frosty Winter Centerpiece
Florist and author Michael Gaffney shows you how to make a spectacular winter flower arrangements. Michael uses the "basing" technique to create a tall vertical line. Michael also suggests tall branches with short full flowers for contrast.

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De-Cluttering Your Home with Allie Casazza
Blogger and author Allie Casazza shares some foolproof ways of de-cluttering your home. Allie suggests you ditch the sense of obligation and get rid of the gifts and other items that are cluttering your home. Allie also suggests starting your de-cluttering in the bathroom.

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DIY Animal Ear Muffs
Ali Fedotowsky-Manno shows you how to make adorable animal ear muffs that the kids will love. She uses Fabric-Tac glue to attach the smaller pieces and prevent burning with hot glue.

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