Ali Fedotowsky-Manno’s DIY Animal Earmuffs

Keep your kiddos warm this winter with Ali Fedotowsky­-Manno’s simple and adorable DIY Animal Earmuffs.


  • Earmuffs
  • Felt (colors vary depending on what animal you’d like to create)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue & Glue Sticks


Penguin Step Out:

  1. To make the penguin you’re going to want to cut a large oval out for the belly and two smaller white ovals for the eyes.
  2. Out of the blue felt, you’re going to cut two circles slightly smaller than the two oval circles for the eyes.
  3. Next cut out the wings and two small little circles (smaller than the blue circles) out of black felt.
  4. Cut a nose and feet shape out of the orange felt.
  5. For the eyes, you’re going to want to first glue the blue circle in the middle of your white circle.
  6. Then glue your black circles into the middle of your blue circles. This will create the eyeballs.
  7. Now it’s time to glue everything onto the earmuffs! First, glue your belly, then the feet and nose, then wings, and then eyes. Viola!

Polar Bear Step Out:

  1. The polar bear is the same technique as the penguin, but just cutting out different facial features. All you need to do is cut the ears and nose out of white fabric.
  2. Then, cut the inner ears, nose and lips out of black fabric.
  3. For eyes: Same as penguin. Glue the nose and lips onto the white mouth. Glue inner ears to the inside of white ears.
  4. Then attach them all to the earmuffs making a polar bear's face!

Owl Step Out:

  1. The owl was the same technique I used for the other two projects. All you do is cut out the eyes, nose, and feathers out of felt and glue to earmuffs. The best thing about this is you can create any animal you want! And it only costs pennies!
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