Madison Davenport Interview

Actress Madison Davenport visits Home & Family to chat about her new movie “Sisters” airing in theaters now. She talks about what it was like meeting Tina Fey for the first time during filming, and about having dance parties on the set with Tina and Amy Poehler. Madison also talks about her excitement in meeting Backstreet boy, Kevin Richardson.

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Dr. JJ’s Clothing Guidelines and Car Seats - Home & Family

Winter Clothing and Carseat Safety

Dr. JJ is on set to talk about the importance of clothing choices when it comes to young children
riding in their car seats. Puffy clothing can create enough slack for a child to slip out of the seat
during a collision.

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Rex's Apple Chicken - Home & Family

Rex's Apple Chicken

Chef Daphne Brogdon from the Food Network’s show “Daphne Dishes” drops by to
whip up an Apple Chicken recipe with Cristina. The two chat about her chef husband Mark Peel,
and their children who frequently appear on her show! The chef also talks about how
her beginnings as a mom blogger turned into a show on  Food Network. All of the family
members love the dish!

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Tanya’s DIY Winter Hats and Mittens - Home & Family

DIY Back to School Mittens and Hats

With the colder weather, Tanya Memme has a perfect DIY that parents can create with materials they find a the local craft store. Tanya shows you how to make your very own fun and colorful mittens and hats that kids will love to wear to school. She also reminds you to make sure you hand wash both the hats and mittens to keep them around longer.

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Dolvett Quince Interview

Celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the upcoming season of his show, “The Biggest Loser,” which has its season 17 two-hour premiere tonight, 9/8c on NBC. The trainer also opens up about how inspired he gets from working on the weight loss competitive series and realizes that he can be seen as tough and intense. Finally, Dolvett reveals his passion for making New Year’s resolutions every day instead of once a year.

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2016 Foot Care Solutions

Kym Douglas is back to give you some easy ways to take care of your feet this new year. She shows you how to remove callouses and keep your feet moisturized all year long.

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New Year’s Resolutions

The family members all gather around to discuss their personal New Year’s resolutions.

Growing Micro-Greens Indoors- Home & Family

How to Grow Micro-Greens Indoors

Shirley Bovshow points out that recent studies have shown that micro-greens have concentrated nutrients, making them very beneficial in growing. Micro-greens are ready to eat within 7-14 days of growing and are great because they grow indoors. Shirley also points that when you are ready to consume micro-greens or juice them, always make sure they are washed.

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Easing Aching Muscles - Home & Family

How to Ease Aching Muscles

Sophie Uliano returns to help you out with those aching muscles, which are caused by small muscle tears during exercise, that can eventually cause inflammation and soreness. She gives you some easy to create recipes for a scrub and relaxing balm that will get you in tip-top shape in no time!

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